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Thread: The Yo-yo is OVER!!!

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    Yes, tell us more about the show. What kind of station or network is filming it, how did it come about, and so on? There's got to be quite a story there.
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    More and more, our life has been governed by specialists, who know too little of what lies outside their province to be able to know enough about what takes place within it.
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    Im interested in the story behind the cooking show as well. I thought I had missed it, but it appears other did too.

    Dairy - it's really not a shock to me. Dairy is highly inflammatory for many people. I'm glad you feel so well without it.

    Did you realize that you're essentially doing a Whole 30 now?? 100% Paleo is what Whole30 really is.

    Glad things are working so well for you. And I still can't believe you lost 25 lbs in 2 months! AMAZING!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn26point2 View Post
    Im interested in the story behind the cooking show as well. I thought I had missed it, but it appears other did too.

    Dairy - it's really not a shock to me. Dairy is highly inflammatory for many people. I'm glad you feel so well without it.

    Did you realize that you're essentially doing a Whole 30 now?? 100% Paleo is what Whole30 really is.

    Glad things are working so well for you. And I still can't believe you lost 25 lbs in 2 months! AMAZING!
    I checked out the whole foods idea and it is way stricter than anything I can ever imagine Jenn! I love my sauces and my spices and I don't plan on giving up all dairy forever!Just most of it It reminds me of a cleanse I did once in the 80's with a bunch of friends!! Hope you are doing well.. I will let you know about the show as soon as I can Take care!

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    Love your food blog! I've learned so much from your journal! I see myself in so many of your posts. I don't post here often, (fairly new) and just not comfortable with the some of the very strong "opinions" on PB forums. I too have learned that eating more fat is NOT the way to go for me. Thank you for sharing your journey, you'vel helped/inspired so many of us. I learn so much more from an individual(s) results/experiences, instead of "opinions".

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    Sounds like you're still pretty primal to me. I agree indeed that it works differently for women, I even think it's logical: paleolithic men were hunting most of the time, so they had more meat and fat and would be IF-ing regulary when hunting. Women were gatherers and had probably more access to fruits and vegetables they gathered. Also see today/yesterday's article from Mark on if women should be doing IF and read the linked article, you will see that he agrees that things might work differently for women! So please, don't feel like a fraud!
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    I would be sorry to see you go, Longing. Seems like your way of eating is perfectly primal, so I don't think you should feel a fraud. Not everyone needs to eat lots of fat and meat. It is good to have plenty examples of what primal can be, so that people don't think it is just another one-size-fits-all plan.
    Your food blog looks great. I want to try that tomato sauce! And the salad. And is that banana bread I see? Oh, my!

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    Quote Originally Posted by longing2bfit View Post
    This will most likely be my last post here at the PB as I feel like a total fraud coming here now. Many of you know my story that I had done my own grain free healthy plan and lost 90 plus pounds, then found PB and loved the idea of eating FAT and More FAT and gained almost all of my weight back, lost over 50% of my hair, developed anxiety etc. But I kept at it doggedly determined to make it work! Finally Just a few short months ago I gave in and went back to my original plan which has much in common with PB but differs just enough that it works better for me and the women in my own group. I absolutely believe in the grain free, processed free, fast food free, bad oils free, eating. But I do not think that high fat and high protein in the amounts encouraged here necessarily work for women. I think PB and Paleo are exceptional for men and their biology! For women I personally think that we are designed to eat more vegetables and fruits and less protein and fats. This is only my OPINION so please don't flay me I am always thrilled when I see the women that this does work for with their weight and I think we all agree that Marks PB is great for overall health! But I was already healthy doing it my way! And I had lost weight too! I am finally at a weight and size where I am comfy and feeling very healthy and happy!

    Now I am in maintenance and doing great so far. I have received messages from new ladies and ladies that PB is not working well for and my heart goes out to all of you. I know the constant tweaking of this plan was driving me insane. Make it simple on yourselves!! Make a list of healthy foods that YOU like and will stick to! Then design your eating plan around that. Here is a days eating for me because you asked,
    I don't eat breakfast everyday but when I do it's always eggs and fruit with a little (VERY LITTLE) coconut oil or kerrygold butter. If I eat lunch it is salad and a small serving of meat and a 1/4 piece of avocado, dinner is always a normal size serving of meat 3-5 oz, and 2 servings of cooked veggies,like asparagus and squash, and usually some type of root veg like turnips, carrots, sweet potato etc. I have fruit sorbet almost every night!!! Love it>

    I make a lot of sauces and turn leftovers into gourmet gastriques!! Here is my food blog link if you would like to check it out LINK I enjoy eating and cooking and I spend most of my time creating new recipes out of old ones! I have received an opportunity to perhaps have a cooking show of my own soon, we are still in prelim and doing groundwork. The show will be about everyday meals using what real people have available, making it healthy and delicious all at the same time! I will let you all know as soon as I know more! Keep your fingers crossed OK?
    What you're doing vibes with what Stefani Ruper talks about on her Paleo for Women blog. It's now my most go-to place for health advice.
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    Hi Everyone
    I am sneaking in for a quickie as I am suppose to be putting recipes up at my food blog. We are in the middle of our cookbook and have helpers that use the blog to get recipes etc. I had a marvelous thing happen today I was playing with beets as in making a new beet salad and thinking of other stuff and while in the midst of this I decided to make my DH a new dinner roll, and I came up with an accidental avocado dough/pasta that I made ravioli, noodles, crescent rolls and a mini chicken pot pie! It was great! and totally unexpected..I need to get all the picts and recipes up but thought I would share some here with you guys

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    The bottom picture is a banana dough blueberry fritter fried in coconut oil!
    No Grains or sugar was used!

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    hey CJ!! what a coinky dink that I decided to come & check up on everyone today too & there you are!! Miss you girl!!
    Your pictures are amazing!! need to go check out your blog again. I'm not really doing the primal thing anymore. Pretty much doing what your are. My own thing mixed in with the Schwarzbien Principle II. Altho to be honest the last couple of weeks I've been fudging & eating some things that I know I shouldn't which has resulted in being up a couple of pounds. Mostly things with wheat in them. I know better...but *sigh* I guess what they say is is an addiction, cause I have really & truly "grieved" over not having pasta or bread or corn related products! its ridiculous but there it is.

    So glad to see you post!!! I'll come visit the blog shortly & maybe try out some of your recipes!!
    take care!! {{{hugs}}}

    ps: I noticed a new low!!! 136???? that is awesome!!! you have dropped some major pounds over the last couple of months!!
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