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Thread: Primal diet questions for experienced PRIMIES

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealia View Post
    A low-carb diet is great for losing fat, but not necessarily a good diet for good HEALTH. A primal diet is a low-toxin diet by priority. Canola oil is toxic, grains are toxic.
    Many people here do NOT eat low carb, but the one thing that unifies the primal community is the avoidance of processed, and improperly prepared foods which cause bad immune responses.

    As I'm thinking about my own intake of food; my increasing use of IF, I think if I were to span my carb consumption throughout a few days, it'll average out to being low carb. Paleo/Primal isn't low-carb by default, but just happens to be that way due to the higher priority fat, and protein have, in contrast to carbs. Many talk about addition by subtraction, but I can also throw in subtraction by addition.

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    Eating primal is not a diet. It is about eliminating poisons from your food and adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you can tolerate dairy think about using full fat Greek yogurt or make your own mayonnaise.
    The amount of carbs depends on your loose weight lower carb, maintenance around 150g all of which you can get from healthy veg.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisf12 View Post
    Hello All

    I'm new here and had two questions

    1) is canola oil mayonnaise okay? I like to use that w some meats.
    2) is a cup of oatmeal okay to have for breakfast?
    oatmeal is okay for breakfast, have no idea about canola oil :P wish you all the best for your weight loss programme cheerzz

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    Here's a Mark blog post on oats: Are Oats Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple

    SADly, with condiments, you're going to have to learn a few kitchen skills. My homemade mayo still breaks because I have the patience of a gnat, but it tastes good and so I use it like a sauce. If you read the labels of even "olive oil mayonnaise" or the one I had the hardest time getting rid of Spectrum Vegan mayonnaise, there are other vegetable oils that are considered unhealthy by people following PB. Store bought mustard seems to be the only spreadable condiment out there that doesn't have a lot of crap in it.

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    You could check out "no-oatmeal" in the free recipe book.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    Canola is not a "real" fat. Highly processed from a toxic plant. Stick to things like butter, animal fats, coconut, olive and avocado.

    For homemade mayo, my favorite is baconnaise.
    Fast Paleo Baconnaise - Paleo Recipe Sharing Site

    With some practice you can get really good at making mayo. Best part is you can make mayo to match any meal, depending on which fats and acids you use. The combinations are infinite. It becomes absolutely gourmet without even really trying.
    Thank you! My previous attempts at making mayo were ugly. This did the trick!

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