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Thread: Show, then aid - Sabine

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    Woo hoo. That is very exciting!!:-)

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    Smacking into 179 after my Down Days!

    This is exciting for me. One of my goals was to be 179 by Independence Day. It was the lowest I got to after doing low-carb for the first time years ago.

    At other weights (yes, I am a graphing geek) once I have started hitting a weight after my Down Days, it is two to four weeks before I leave it behind after my Up Days. Once I have kept my two day average line below it for a full week, I am going to treat myself to a shopping binge: $20 to spend at the thrift store on new clothes. Usually I get one or two things at a time. But 179 deserves a blow-out.

    Here's how yesterday went:

    Up at 5:45

    11:30 iced cafe au lait
    12:45 probiotic drink
    3:00 iced cafe au lait
    8:30 fruit and vegetable smoothie

    Water: 11 glasses
    Walking: 35"

    Bed at 10:00

    Having a very nice visit with Eldest. I'm taking him out for sashimi today. Yesterday we all played a bunch of Dominion, before the kids went off to various friends. He has a group of friends that he stays in touch with from high school. It is good that they can get together while he is here. More games, of course! And on Thursday Middlest is planning a games palapalooza from 2:00 in the afternoon until we all fall over.

    Last day to visit with my moving away friend. I might see her for packing or whatnot, but today will be our last 'fun' day.

    Okay, I need to go do some stuff. I spent too much time on the forum yesterday, to the detriment on my tasks.

    P.S. While proofreading, I just noticed that my calories yesterday are almost all from carbs. Didn't I say just a few weeks ago I would never think of doing that? Oh, how things come back to bite you in the butt!
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    The dogs got into a MAJOR tussle over a bone last night. We have never seen them like this. I had to throw water on them, and that didn't stop them, just slowed them down enough that we could haul them apart. Chloe is still very cowed this morning. She hid under the bed, rather than follow Salem out of the bedroom. She may take a while to recover from what they both seem to feel was her defeat.

    Some stress eating yesterday, and from a silly reason. I came home after my farewell to my friend, expecting to sit down to a dinner of taco salad( all ready to go, through proper preparation!). Instead, Honey zipped off to pick up a work friend and bring him home for dinner and games. So, dinner was delayed by an hour, plus I spent that hour trying to tidy up enough not to feel embarrassed. And eating. Tried to throw some nutrition in there, along with the chocolate ice cream, but overall, I was not my best self for that hour.

    We had a fun evening, though! Stayed up way too late playing games.

    Today will be taken up with graduation.

    Tomorrow is another games day, that Middlest has planned. I will be doing more cleaning, but in a planned fashion, not a hurried one.

    Here are the gory details:

    Up at 6:30

    8:20 zucchini, eggplant, beef strata

    11:45 sashimi, rice, seaweed, a little fruit

    3:30 1C blueberries

    6:30 chocolate ice cream bar, slice cheddar and liverwurst, chocolate chips, more strata

    8:00 taco salad

    11:30 another chocolate ice cream bar!

    Water: 12 glasses
    Walking: no
    Pains: 10

    12:30 Bed

    Looking forward to my Down Day today. I feel stodgy. I've been trying to wait for some bowel action before I weighed myself for this morning, but enough prevarication. Off to see what the score is, and get on with my day. Ciao, y'all!

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    Have you thought about doing your own ice cream instead? Freeze bananas, toss them in the blender (maybe with some coconut milk?) just enough to blend it down to a thick creamy dessert. It's better than your standard bar. Maybe add some cocoa or vanilla or throw in some mango or strawberries! Then you've got options and while it is high in sugar it's low in garbage!
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    Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
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    Sabine I am so impressed with how you are doing!! Absolutely awesome!!! And also lovely to have hubby along and to be supporting each other ... You are inspiring

    I hate dog fights!! Glad that no-one was badly injured - but not nice to have a bad vibe between your fluffy ones I hope they figure it all out soon.
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    Ecks-I usually use a store brand of ice cream (only five ingredients, and all of them REAL). I think making my own would be just too dangerous! The chocolate bars are ones that my Honey likes. Sadly, I was not thinking, 'what is good for me', just 'what can I shove in my mouth'.

    Although, maybe I was, just a little. After all, I did conciously(sp?) eat that cheese, liverwurst, and strata, to get some nutrition. I'll call it a lapse, but not one I'm too burnt up about.

    My Down Day yesterday was good. I planned to eat some salmon, but just never got around to it. Finished up at a whopping 75 calories for the day. Here are the details:

    Up at 6:30

    5:30 probiotic drink

    6:30 cafe au lait

    Water: 10 glasses
    Walking: 40"
    Pains: 8

    Bed at 9:00

    We were busy most of the day with Middlest's graduation. Left the house at noon, ceremony started at 2:00, finished at 4:00, drove back home and were here by 5:30. We THOUGHT we wouldn't get home until 7:00, so that felt like a smooth ride. Eldest's ceremony went for almost three hours, and they had 200 fewer people.

    We're very proud of Middlest. She's a great student and a hard worker.

    Today is game day. She's having about 15 friends over to play Dominion and eat chips. And pizza. And drink soda. A very non-primal time to be had by all. Though we WILL be using our brains!

    Chloe is still subdued from the fight. She is keeping a close eye on Salem. We're hoping a few days will set their relationship right.

    I somehow missed the early voting, and now need to remember to get myself to the polls on Saturday for the run-off election. I blame having to actually look up the people involved, and think. It was too long since the original election- for one of the races I couldn't remember who was who.

    Coll- I am feeling good about how it is going, also. It just seems very normal and sustainable. Yes, I still have slips, but then I get right back to it. That is one of the biggest changes.

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    My dogs got into a fight the other day too - evident by the fact that one of the plastic dog houses we bought was missing its roof and one dog had a pierced lip. Not sure who won that one but it doesn't seem to be bothering them. I think they're too dumb to be "upset" by a tussle between them. And likely the one with the pierced lip deserved it considering his tenacity to poke and prod at the other dog - much like an older sibling picking on the younger.

    I think you're doing a fantastic day as well and am amazed by your ability to go without eating. I guess I'm still emotionally attached to food b/c I can't imagine a day with only 75 calories.
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    geez, I get 80 calories just from my morning coffee and green tea, each one has 2T of half and half in it.

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    Games Day

    Good: 15 people crammed into our house to play games.

    Bad: potato chips. No need to say more, I believe.

    But I will. Here's how it went down, as far as I can remember:

    Up at 5:30

    9:30 4 sausages, 2 eggs, mushrooms fried in butter

    11:30 cafe au lait, made with full-fat milk since it is an Up Day.

    2:15 slice of cheesecake, many shrimps

    Starting about 3:00 potato chips

    more potato chips

    what is with all the potato chips

    keep me away from the potato chips

    let me have those potato chips

    a banana

    more chips

    some cheese

    I am so sick of potato chips

    11:30 cheesecake

    Water: 12 glasses, the least I could do, to try and mitigate the freaking potato chips!
    Walking: no
    Pains: 10

    Bed at Midnight

    The funny thing about this is, I don't even really like potato chips that much!

    I had some stomach discomfort last night (not surprising!), but I feel fine this morning, and looking forward to my Down Day. I am planning on having fish, so that I can get some good protein into my body after yesterday. There will be MUCH electrolyte water drunk. Amazingly, my weight was not out of the ordinary. Bodies are funny. Maybe it is waiting to surprise me on the weekend!

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    Damn potato chips. I have 2 bags on my Fridge. Wish my guys would eat them already.

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