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Thread: House of Thin

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    What's up MDA.

    Let's start the new year right. Get shredded!

    Will post update pics in the coming months and how I've been modifying my workouts/diet.

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    Posting updates:

    - Dairy free except ghee.
    - Protein source primarily from beef. I have stopped eating pork/bacon (makes me feel sluggish, don't know why!)
    - Doing less frequent carb-ups (every 3rd or 4th day). <30g/day on ULC days.
    - I've had cheats during carb-ups, but I want to try much much cleaner carb-ups.
    - BP fasting until minimum 1 pm, latest 2-3 pm.
    - Re-implementing MCT oil.
    - Bed tanning for vit. D and healthier skin.
    - Some moderate calorie counting in between refeeds. ~0.5-1 g protein and 0.5-1 g fat per lb goal weight to roughly get 1000 - 1900 cals. So far I haven't been at the low end.
    - I HAVE fish oil, but frequently consuming it? Need to get on that...
    - Working out and implementing low-impact cardio again (walking yay!) & HIIT/sprint endurance.

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    I thought I'd revive this thread. I still do come around the boards and check things out, but haven't been updating in my journal.

    The good news is that the gym I still frequent, and I still try to eat the right foods. But I backslid and I'll explain why.

    Just to give a rundown:

    -still doing bulletproof coffee w/ local grassfed butter, sometimes subbed MCT oil or mixing both.
    -occassionally drink iced starbucks coffee with heavy cream, varying on how liberal I get with that cream.
    -still doing my protein burgers, and recently getting into sushi. I eat lots of chicken, no pork. So essentially my diet is beef, chicken and fish/seafood. Sometimes lamb.

    One thing that slowed down my entire effort tremendously has been hurting my back. I feel like an old woman and I've been trying to give my back the rest that it needs, and lately it's actually been feeling better, however, progress stopped.

    I have been lazy, partly because success is slim and this kind of stuff wears on you. I find it difficult to stay motivated to do my absolute best when my success generally averages to a 1-2 lb loss per month, and my sacrifice is me trying hard every single day. That's hard. The sacrifice/reward is not a fun game. Eating and feeling good is easy, but specifically trying to lean out is a mental game, and losing 2 lbs a month, while I can dance to that for a few months, by month 4, you start waking up wondering how much longer you have..
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