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Thread: Primal and size

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    Since starting Primal I've not really changed, but before that I was on Atkins and kicked most of the carbs from wheat / pasta and sugars. At my heaviest I was pushing 170lbs. I started Primal at 150lbs 2 months ago, and haven't really dropped - I've hit 148lbs but never for long, so I'm not really counting it.

    I feel healthier on the inside, and enjoy eating this way so I'm sticking to it, knowing it's a few tweaks away from weight loss. I'm aiming for 130lbs.

    I've reduced dairy alot, now just in coffee and I use butter. I eat cheese v rarely but it appears in something every week..... I don't eat nuts or legumes, eat one piece of fruit a day and quite a bit of veggies with dinner.

    Welcome and good luck.
    Primal - June 3rd 2013
    Starting Weight - 150lbs
    Current Weight - 150lbs
    Goal Weight - 130lbs
    (Female / 5'4")

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    Well, I started at 340 lbs... I can safely say I have gone down many dress sizes. 235 lbs now.

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    At my heaviest I was 210 lbs (at 5'6" ) and still managing to fit into a size 14 jean. Around 180 after 18 months with a lot of ups and downs (recession-induced stress, injuries) and still a size 14, but loose in the waist, for sure.

    My thigh measurement stayed the same (26" or so) but I'm on my fourth belt notch (43" to 39" waist). It seems like I lost a lot of my upper torso fat (under bust line) and definitely dropped a bra size.

    I still have thirty or so lbs to lose, so I anticipate losing a jean size, but as long as my clothes fit more loosely, I'm happy.
    "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love and something to hope for." - Allan K. Chalmers (1759-1834)

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