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Thread: Canned Tuna

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz71 View Post
    I must try mackerel!

    So with springwater seems to be the preferred option, I was originally thinking in oil would have more fat and be better?
    In oil is only a good idea if the oil is one you want to be consuming (olive)
    I have read that fish packed in oil retains more of it's natural oils, but water packed seems to be considerably cheaper.

    I too enjoy mackerel, although lately I've been eating lots of herring. Found smoked herring fillets packed in water for cheap, tastes like smoked salmon.

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    Albacore just doesn't have enough flavor for me. Starkist has a Solid Light tuna in olive oil that I like a lot. Nice firm 'steaks', not much liquid to drain, unlike "chunk light" which is often a slimy nasty mess.

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    I order 3 oz cans of Cento (1 case at a time) (Italian) tuna off Amazon's Subscribe and Save.
    Tuna taste is fantastic, solid chunk light but not albacore. Tasty right out of the can or mixed with things.

    Good quality olive oil (but not extra virgin) and though salted not salty.

    The can size is a good "portion" amount to keep down mercury exposure--I'll eat a full bigger can if I have it.

    Cost is cheaper than many mentioned here, or at least close. It varies month to month. Good stuff.

    As a side note, their sardines in olive oil are also wonderful. I subscribe to those also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayla2010 View Post
    Its usually in plastic only isn't it?

    I buy Woolworths Select Albacore tuna in springwater, it has only tuna, springwater and salt.
    Woolworths Select Albacore tuna contains BPA

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    You're actually supposed to look for the "light" tuna rather than albacore. Although albacore is a more steaky fish, it's a much larger fish and has exponentially more mercury than the smaller tuna. Mercury accumulates much more heavily in larger fish. Look for chunk light tune or solid light tuna. I get mine in water.

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    I won't use cans that don't say BPA free on a regular basis, though occasionally I want something now and will.

    Tuna in cans is cooked. It's kind of gross in comparison to fresh or frozen tuna steaks, and not really that much less expensive when you compare pound for pound.

    I used to go through about 20 cans of tuna a month. I haven't eaten any since July 2012. The skipjack (?) is yucky to me and it's just not worth the work to find a healthy, reasonably priced product.

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    I never liked canned tuna yet kept eating it because it's "sooooo good for you". Then I discovered sardines, and the rest is history.
    Love them and eat a can every day. Wild Pacific Sardines.

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    LOVE TONNINO TUNA! Soooooo good, especially ventresca!

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