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Thread: 2012 Slow Movement Challenge

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    Thanks everyone!

    One thing I realised since getting the fit bit, you do more movement than I would have thought! I've done 5km today just through normal activity ... I wasnt even counting that before!
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    My Primal slow movement challenge: 208.29km of 1000km completed in 2012!

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    Final 2012 tally for me was 712.0 miles/1145.9 km.

    I will probably shoot for the 1000K again in 2013, but I don't know if I will post here. I'm really not terribly active in the forums anymore as the signal to noise ratio kind of sucks these days. I still read most of the Mark's articles and links, but I've found that most often reading the forums causes more stress than provides information and I do need to continue to watch my Cortisol levels!!
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    I am not sure what my final distance was. Couldn't update the Ticker after about 1100 kms, but I didn't walk much after that. I continue with 1000 kms for 2013, I need something that gets me out of the door on not so fine days...!

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    Thread went kinda moribund for a while and I stopped posting, but not stats fwiw:

    August 154.3 miles
    September 115.7
    October 94.6
    November 99.3
    December 42.7

    2012 total: 1346.7 mi (2167.3 km)

    I started jogging/running some in the last 3 months and plan to continue that while keeping up the hikes, just maybe with more rest days interspersed. When you hike the same routes you quickly get to know when you're overtrained/overstressed. So far in 2013 I've logged 150 miles and am going for a 15-miler tomorrow morning. Thanks Buzz for a great challenge, I enjoyed everyone's stories and photos!
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