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Thread: Warrior Diet..good or bad?

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    First of all, don't try fasting if you're on a conventional diet. The cravings would be torture! Paleo foods and intermittent fasting seem to go together well though.

    Since going Paleo (been doing it a couple of months) I find I am doing similar to the Fast-5 style of fasting some days, quite naturally. By that I mean eating nothing at all during the fast and then eating one or two meals during an early-evening feeding window. Grazing would just make me feel hungry. I've never been much of a breakfast person and it's no problem for me to go the whole morning without eating. I find I feel better having an empty stomach when I'm active, and often do a strenuous hike with no problems. One downside of trying to eat one meal per day is that because Paleo food is so satiating, it's actually difficult to get enough calories into that one meal. I find I naturally crave a lunch some days and other days don't feel as hungry so I just wait till dinner. Some days I'd be eating too few calories and other days too many but over a week it balances out. I don't actually count calories but I must be maintaining a slight defecit overall as I've been steadily losing weight.

    Skipping conventional meal times doesn't work for everyone, cos we all have our unique body chemistry and activity levels. Mark has said that intermittent fasting is a just another tool in the paleo dieter's arsenal. I think the science behind fasting and fasted training is sound, and it could have a dramatic affect on general health as well as just weight loss. Definitely give it a try... but don't worry about it if it just doesn't work for you.

    One thing I think noone should do, is snacking between meals. Not being able to make it through a few hours without eating is a symptom of a very poor diet. I *facepalm* at people who tell me I'm doing myself damage by not eating all day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiercehunter View Post
    Eh would rather not argue- 1 meal a day is perfectly healthy and represents a good long term choice for a lot of people. Many people seem to do this naturally.
    I totally agree. The Warrior diet just makes sense. Also, Jack Lalanne ate only two meals per day and lived to be almost 100 years old. The idea of eating 5-6 mini meals per day seems absolutely ludicrous!
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    I do the warrior diet almost daily, sans ANY snacking (never felt the need I guess), in the primal style (grainless and without crappy oils ect.) and I've been leaning out nicely. I'd say it's pretty solid.

    Not everyone can handle eating only once a day, but if you can, and you make that meal healthy, you should see some results.

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    I did the Warrior Diet while working offshore in Yemen. Thinking back on it, my evening meal was pretty primal (this was pre-PB days). It worked great for me, and I was dropping weight like crazy. I was also out on deck 12 hours a day, in and out of tanks, up and down ladders, etc. Chicken or the egg? Who knows but it worked for me and once I got into it, I felt great.

    I basically eat two meals a day now but really only 1 a day on the weekends.
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    We discussed it when we were looking at different IF protocols, as this is basically one of those.

    But, what we noted is that it would be difficult for us to get the calories that we need into our bodies unless we were very high fat (ie, 70% fat) just to keep the pure volume of food low. I'm sure it's entirely possible, but I actually LOVE produce and as such, I love a BAS which is volume.

    Having two BAS plus eggs or meat works really well for me in terms of getting both the caloric and taste-bud needs that I have, while also fitting into our lifestyle, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaveWeirdo View Post
    First of all, don't try fasting if you're on a conventional diet. The cravings would be torture! Paleo foods and intermittent fasting seem to go together well though.
    Not necessarily. I was on a CW diet most of my life and ice always eaten 1 meal or 2 meals a day. It just depends on the person.
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    Cravings have never been an issue for me either, except at the beginning before I fully kicked the wheat habit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fitartist View Post
    The idea of eating 5-6 mini meals per day seems absolutely ludicrous!
    To be fair, if you were on a high carb diet like we're all supposed to be, 5-6 mini meals would probably be a lot less harmful because you wouldn't be overloading on sugar so much.

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    I just read the WD. Not a great book, but the idea and theory is great. I been pretty much a paleo - IFer. Which means, I skip breakfast and love to CrossFit in a fasten state. I do eat my biggest meal at night, but it's strictly paleo - no grains or beans. I love how I feel and more stronger, alert when I eat two meals a day only. I don't graze at all and my lunch is usually raw milk or salad with protein and lots of fat.

    All my life I have stuck in cement with the schedule eating times. What I love best about IF or WD is the sense of freedom I have from my old habits of eating when I'm full.

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    I was at my healthiest weight of my life eating like this and I ate complete garbage even though he does say you can eat anything for the overfeed meal he does reccomend high fat meals and becoming adapted to burning fat as best. As far as snackin what I read was fresh vegetables and "limited" fruit throughout the day and nuts like raw almonds if you absolutely need to snack during the adaption phase he does reccomend fresh squeezed vegetable juices throughout the day. All in all seems very healthy to me. He doesn't focus a lot on science and mostly draws his references from ancient warriors and their habits. I would leave the exercise portion to complex I like simplefit or pbf better

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