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Thread: PrimalCon 2012 Attendance Thread!

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    Oh man, now I really wanna go to primal con .
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    im planning to come along and also spend about three week in the states i also want to do my level 2 thermograohy course wicih i can only do over there i cant wait the planing has begun .am i the only one from australia or will there be more.or maybe one day we will get mark to visit us in the down under for a primal con aus .

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Nugent View Post
    I'm thinking about coming over from the UK. Although I'm not in very good shape so will struggle with any demanding fintess requirements but would very much like to be immersed in all of this, to learn and come away with fresh ideas. And to see a bit of California too.
    Hi John,
    Hope you make it. It's a great time and it's scaled to all fitness levels.


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    I'd like to go but don't have the scratch for it ATM, maybe next year.

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    I'm yet another coming over from the UK for PrimalCon 2012, and really looking froward to the experience.
    I'd be very interested to hear of any apartment sharing opportunities if anyone is planning to rent for the weekend....
    See you in Oxnard.

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    primalcon 2012

    My names Chris and both myself and my GF Tina will be there. We're third timers just like Lars and Timothy! I can't wait!

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    PrimalCol sounds fantastic. I am totally thinking about going. For those who have attended before is there any advantage to arriving early/staying later? Are there any 'off-the-books' activities that would warrant a trip extension?

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    My Husband, Mark and I are returning for our second year! We can't wait to see everyone. We are extending our stay until Monday, because last year we felt that we "missed" Sunday because we were preoccupied with getting checked out, and back to LA to catch our flight. So, I would definitely encourage anyone coming to stay until Monday, or at the very least, get a late flight Sunday, so you can enjoy the last day.

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    Hi -- PrimalCon newbie here! 2012 will be my first and I am really exciting about going. Also, I confess--a little apprehensive. Although I've been primal for about a year now, and--at age 62--in the best shape of my life (I've got triceps, who knew??!?!), part of me is still wondering about how well I'll manage the various physical challenges and events. But, hey, it's all about the experience, and I can't wait to spend such a great amount of time with so many wonderful Primal people!

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    Don't be worry, Marianne. There really were people of all ages and abilities last year.

    This is my second year and I'm super excited. I'm going to stay over on Sunday instead of rushing back to dreary New York. Last year I didn't have any time to enjoy the beach or the pool, and I'm really looking forward to that this year.

    Everything was great last year: People, food, talks, workouts, hotel. I can't wait.
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