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Thread: Sex.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annika View Post
    Sex is 95% in the brain.
    You are not a male, I take it. To the OP: Yep, me too.
    If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocolatechip69 View Post
    You guys are such weirdos
    Says the person who's screen name is what?

    There was a monster thread a while back started by Pebbles called "Feeling Sexy". It's a good read.

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    Ha! Thanks for the advertising Paleobird. I saw that you posted on a "sex" thread and had to check it out.
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    Can we conclude that bacon is the new viagra?
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    yes, i'm definitely in the mood more often now. i'm also more concerned about fertility, as my LO is 1 year old and we don't want any more kids.

    coconut oil is a great "personal lubricant" as well as massage oil (as long as you're going bareback). the association between CO and sex is so strong in my mind now that i can't really use it in cooking.

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    To the OP: Yep! I've noticed it, too, much to my husband's delight!

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    I'm in the mood all the time. Which is annoying, because most of the time my bf says he's too tired... Then wakes me up at half 4 in the morning for it because he can't sleep? I mean, waking up and having groggy sex is fine and all, but I would rather have awake sex during the day then have nice uninterrupted sleep! And don't complain about me being tired i nthe morning, either. -_-
    WOAH rant over sorry xD
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    Sex and Bacon!!!! HaHa! I'd buy that book too! at least demands a blog post!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike in Virginia View Post
    Can we conclude that bacon is the new viagra?
    There is a NEW Viagra replacement - read THIS !
    Scientists: Watermelon yields Viagra-like effects

    A friend at the gym told me about this working well for him.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Plaid Dad View Post
    What about chocolate-covered bacon? Surely there's some potential there... ;-)
    There's a chocolatier in town who sells chocolate-covered bacon.

    The morning DJ I listen to refers to bacon as a food band-aid that allows you to eat an otherwise distasteful food.
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