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Thread: Cheat Day ramifications

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    I just had a coconut butter and pecan with xylitol cookie. Pretty much primal, but oh dear I feel ill. I think I should probably count this as a cheat. XD

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    Cheat day, does that allow for illicit sex too?
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    Last week I was on vacation and pigged out on gluten, like a LOT of gluten. Beer, pizza, baked goods, batter-fried food, you name it. I felt icky the first day and fine the rest of the time, but by the time I got back home, I was dealing with the worst cystic acne breakout of my life (I never get cystic acne; when I do break out, which is otherwise pretty rare, it's all little whiteheads that are easy to deal with/heal). My jaw and neck are still covered in the spots. No more gluten EVER for this girl (or okay, in small infrequent amounts it's fine, but definitely no more gluten free-for-alls).

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    If I'm going to choose to "cheat", it had better be something damn well worth it! I usually end up feeling horrid for about a week afterwards, so unless it's some kind of 'amazing food' or one of the rare occasions where I am in a group setting and decide to go with the flow it's a nogo...

    Best thing about Primal/Paleo? I get to eat the foods I used to "cheat" with every day now! Makes giving up sweets and processed garbage easy
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    I'm not ruling it out but I've been Primal since Oct 1 of last year and I haven't "cheated" yet. I stopped seeing crap as food and now I simply do not want it. At all.

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