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Thread: Suggest a Blog Post Topic

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    This is probably too out there, but I am wondering about the effect of a primal diet (no grains, beans, legume, sugar) on clotting factors. I've been primal for a year and my blood seems to be thinner, i.e. small cuts or scratches bleed more and the blood appears more watery. (I haven't had any major injuries of any type.) Also, I imagine this is a good thing, as most of the American population over a certain age is on some type of blood thinner.
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    Dear Mark.

    I was wondering if you had any research that would indicate how early children could start eating raw meat? I'm aware that the risk would be too high for toddlers, but, when I have kids of my own, I'd like them to be introduced to raw meat before 10, so they are used to it for their teenage years (where a combination of raw and cooked foods could help them develop optimally).

    I'm pondering starting out with rare meat. Freezing it, defrosting it quickly, part-frying it and premasticating or blending it a bit for toddlers or slicing it into strips for pre-teens. But I'm not certain about the relative safety of it and the research is hard to come by and unclear.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Hi Mark

    I was wondering if you could answer this question - I'm female and 49 and seem to be going into menopause. I can't seem to lose a kilogram (pound for the non-metric), my menses are all over the place and it seems to have got a lot worse since I cut my carbs down to around 20g per day. Is this somehow related to my hormones and what would be the best way to get myself sorted out?

    Thanks so much for your great website.

    River Song

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    Having just received the results of my 23andme test, I found out I have the "Rs5082" marker, which is basically a poor responder to high saturated fat intake. How would this apply in the PB setting?

    The results say it should not go above 30% fat for this genotype, and I read it as being separate from the usual CW "fat is bad" nonsense.

    My own N=1 has found that I do better with higher carb and so that rings true, as I gained a lot back when I switched to Primal and significantly upped the amount of fats I was eating. Weight started skyrocketing when I added in Bulletproof coffee. I tracked my intake occasionally and kept it at around the same calorie intake as I was eating before. The jury's still out on that, but I'm working to lose it again.

    Not sure if it's suitable as a blog topic or "Ask Mark", but will put it here anyway (not sure exactly what my question is, hah) but I'd be interested to see an in-depth explanation of this, or what Mark thinks about it.

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    Dear Mark,

    Hugely grateful for your book(s) and the website which has certainly given me a different (and better!) outlook on life - so a simple thank you for all of your tremendous efforts. Anyway, onto my burning question.
    I take Primal Fuel almost daily as it's an excellent meal replacement for my increasingly brief lunches, and I have no issues whatsoever with it ordinarily. However, I also like to use it as a post-workout shake and unfortunately I've noticed that it persistently goes straight through me (if you catch my drift?) after consuming it. I usually take it with water, but I've tried changing it up a little by taking it with goats milk and also coconut milk to see if there was any change but still the same end result! I don't suspect it to be lactose intolerance as consuming it on a non-workout day has no mal-effects, it only upsets my stomach after a workout. I've turned up little else on this issue and am hoping you may be able to further enlighten me about the problem.

    Keep up the great work, and big love from across the pond in sunny ol' Wales,
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    Dear Mark,

    I recently started making my own milk kefir. Though I primarily drink it for the gut flora and fauna, I am curious about the fat/protein/carb content. I have done a bit of research but, no surprise, the results are all over the map. A bulletin board claimed the carb content was down to about 2 gm per 8 fl. oz. while a blog claimed the carb content increased from 12 gm to 13 gm per 8 fl. oz. Another site claimed the lactose was merely changed into another sugar, resulting in no real decrease in carbs.


    I know the temperature, length of fermentation time, etc., will result in varying nutrient ratios, but is there a rule of thumb for the nutrient content in pasteurized (NOT ultra-pasteurized), whole milk using kefir grains instead of a starter culture? Does indeed the milk sugar decrease and, generally speaking, by how much?

    Thank you,

    Phocion Timon
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    Dear Mark, I have 2 suggestions for blogs.
    1. Do you know about Dr. Wahl in Iowa studying the positive impact on multiple sclerosis of eating a primal type of diet. She's reversed her own physical maladies, going from needing a wheelchair to biking to work. She's gaining a following among MS and other autoimmune disease sufferers.
    2. Primal eating and food insecurity. So many families are dealing with food insecurity. Feeding a family healthy food on foodstamps is nearly impossible. I have to do it, so I know. Food pantries stock mostly grain products. Hard working parents are tired, putting together a fresh meal can be too much. I am planning to turn my farm into an educational environment, not just for kids, but for parents as well to learn about growing and preparing healthy real food.

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    Dear Mark - first thanks for the amazing resource of your website, I have found it a brilliant jumping-off point for honing in on what works for me, lost 5lb in a few weeks with no loss of energy (a first after years of lethargic yoyoing) and am using the 90-day journal to great effect

    my question is about exercise and motivation - since moving in the direction of primal living I've found it hard to do a specific type of exercise: namely, sprinting. I enthusiastically cycle or walk the 9-mile round trip to work almost every day, often hike at weekends and can just about work myself up to do the odd bodyweight exercise session, but the gym-time I was putting in before (2-3 40-min interval running sessions per week) has dropped out of my routine completely and I just can't find the will to replace them with sprinting. I know that you advocate sprinting once per week and that it would be smart to do so since I still want to lose bodyfat (am at 147lb, 5'7 now) but either going lower-carb has put my body off the whole idea of running (have reduced to 50-100grams per day as I found I wasn't losing weight at more than that) or I have suddenly become a much lazier person with regard to that particular type of exercise.

    I wonder if you or your readers have experienced this drop in motivation to do bursts of high-impact working out, and what you would recommend I do to get myself back into it? it's possible I am just very, very bored by the gym and more aware of that now that i can pat myself on the back for less regimented movement (which previously i thought didnt count) but living in London,UK my outdoor options are limited by the weather a lot of the time. Is it ok not to sprint?

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    Can you address the validity of Ray Peat's writings as they are practiced? His high-carb, fish avoidance, etc. theories are being promoted by some new forum users, often under the guise of Primal advise.
    Steak, eggs, potatoes - fruits, nuts, berries and forage. Coconut milk and potent herbs and spices. Tea instead of coffee now and teeny amounts of kelp daily. Let's see how this does! Not really had dairy much, and gut seems better for it.

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    Can you give your thoughts on Garcinia Cambogia, is there any supportive evidence to the huge claims of boosted metabolism and weightloss?


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