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Thread: Intermittent Fasting - A Primer ( Part 3 )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark7 View Post
    The tiny calories come from coffee and a nibble of sauerkraut i consume to keep my GI good during the lack of food.
    I have read good things about using sauerkraut while fasting. I use it during my longer fasts.
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    I find with fasting, i need to be cautious of the first food i introduce to my body after the fast otherwise i experience 'fast transit.' Sauerkraut seems to stop this from happening when consumed the evening of the fast.

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    I'm in hour 33 of my fast, given the 4 hours for absorption after my meal Tuesday night. I'm going to break the fast at 8:00 tonight, in 8 hours. I feel thin as fuck. Energetic, too. I have been fasting regularly since I began Primal almost a year ago, but LeanGains style IF does not seem to give me results. (either that or I never did it long enough or consistently enough to even obtain results; or I just overate on my rest days.) The longer fasts have definitely always seemed to make me feel better and look thinner.

    I've been at a plateau for quite a while now, just trying to get rid of what's left of my love-handles and the fat at the bottom of my stomach. I think I'm going to begin doing the 40 hour fasts once a week, in addition to cutting out dairy, which just seems to be a problem when it comes to cutting. I will post an update in a couple months if it works ;D
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    Dear PK,

    Spot on data. And great comments from your readers.
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    very interested in this, in for reading later

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    pklopp, thanks for writing this up in such a clear way.
    My wife and I are already adapted to one meal a day (early dinner), it was very easy after a period of 6 months eating mostly primal (also LCHF kind of diet) but we have not pushed it yet to 44h fast. After reading your posts, I am very interested to try that, hopefully during the coming week-end!

    My biggest motivation is not so much to see my muscles (cool side-effect but I am not that narcissistic ) but to feel as good as I can. The nice consequence is on the wallet as well: much higher quality food for even smaller budget!!


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    Thank you for the wonderful thread here! I am on Day-2 of the 24 hour fast & am aiming for a whole week of 1-meal-a-day. I've been primal/LCHF for about 4 months so its easier to move into this rythm. I look forward to seeing how it affects the body over a 1 week period!


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    Quote Originally Posted by gopintos View Post
    Santa had a bit on IF in his newsletter this morning. Should you Fast - At least Briefly?

    Quick question. Say you start out with the best of intentions. But then you slip and have a little something something. Is it best to go ahead and have a decent amount of calories for the day (the whole calorie restrictive argument) or just resume fasting?
    This is not a religion, we won't excommunicate you for a minor transgression. I would say, keep at the fast, but realize that this may prove very difficult due to awakening your appetite with that minor intake.

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    Hey PK, just wanted to say thanks. It's seldom that you find a post that's complete and thoughful enough to inspire action. I've been doing 20 hr fasts for a bit, but based on your posts, I've moved to my first 40hr fast. I'm in hour 26 and feel great.

    As I'm sure you've answered this, I'll ask and NOT expect an answer. What is the best food to break a fast with? I vaguely remember eggs? I'd rather enjoy a big heap of fatty pork.

    Thanks Again! Cheers!
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    I know this seems trivial, but I cannot find the answer lol!

    But, within fasting, I realize you say you can drink coffee with a little bit of creme, etc. I read that this doesn't really effect the fast, even if it ends up being a couple hundred calories, but you want to try to limit the creme.

    I have a few questions...

    It seems that anything outside of water is still begin digested, right? Isn't part of the positive from IF that you're not digesting something (like coffee/creme) nearly 20 hours out of the day? Maybe it's just so negligible.

    Also, I thought I saw someone say they use Heavy Whipping Cream instead of just regular creamer. For example, there's only 50 cals, 5g Fat, and 0 sugar/carb in something like Horizon Organic Heavy Whipping Cream. Would this be something that, with coffee, would be okay while you're not eating?


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