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Thread: What do you use as shampoo?

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    I use Dr. Bonners rose scented liquid castille soap for everything including shampoo once a week. I just can't be bothered mixing up all the stuff in my pantry and putting on my head although to each his/her own. My hair and scalp did not go through any excessively greasy phase because I cut back gradually on the poo from daily to every other day to every third day and now weekly.

    Now I'm looking for a good old fashioned boar bristle hair brush. I was reading something about ladies in olden times being taught as girls to brush their hair 100 strokes before bed each night but that was with boar bristle brushes not the stiff plastic kind we mostly have now. I think it makes sense that the brushing helps distribute the natural oil throughout the length of the hair. A lot of people with long hair have complained about poo free not working for this reason.

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    Clairol Herbal Essences Length and Strength. Also the rinse out conditioner, and the leave in treatment..I have very fine, waist length hair.

    ETA: I dye, too...I touch up at least once a month.
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    no poo didn't work for me. i used a natural bristle brush with the intent of spreading the oils, and it worked to some small degree but not well enough. i tried no-poo for around 3 weeks and ended up with frazzled greasy hair (it was even really frizzy on top while being greasy on top). i have no interest in trying again.

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    I wash my hair once or twice a week. At the moment i'm finishing off my bottles of redken shampoo/conditioner but i intend to switch after that. I'd like to try the castile soap, and the baking soda/vinegar to see which I like best.

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    I just use water. I don't remember when I started. Sometime shortly after Richard Nickoley published his first experiment about going poo-less & soap-less.

    Back then I would use 8 oz of beer in my hair maybe twice a month to keep it from getting greasy. I've since discovered that using only cold water on my hair pretty much keeps the grease away without using other product.

    I also discovered that poo-free & soap-free is not as viable on the SAD as it is on primal. Body just excretes too much toxic sh!t on the SAD to be skipping soap for very long.

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    I haven't used shampoo in forever. The last time I did it was Burt's Bees something or other. Shampoo really seems to dry out my hair, and I like the way it feels much better with the natural oils intact.

    Usually I just rinse my hair with lukewarm to hot water in the shower, sometimes (maybe 2x per month) I add a rinse of very diluted apple cider vinegar.

    If I really feel like may hair needs "washing" I'll sprinkle baking soda on my dry hair before I get in the shower, then get it wet and rub it into my scalp. Then rinse with water and follow with an ACV rinse.

    My boys are almost 4 and almost 6, and I can probably count on one hand the number of times they've had actual shampoo on their hair, and they have the most gorgeous, sweet smelling hair that's easy to comb and never gets tangled even when it's long.
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    Just baking soda mixed with water. I slap it on, rub it on the scalp for about a minute with the water off, and then it all rinses right out. No problems here. Lasts about two to three days, better than nasty artificial oils that just linger and make you feel dirty so you wash more often.

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    I went water-only 12 weeks ago and I'm still trying to transition. The oil is starting to calm down though and I think the end might be near. I have tried this 4 other times in the past, once as long as 9 months without success. I think that eating primal is what is making it work this time.

    My girls are 5 and 7 and have been shampooed twice, ever. Now they let me do scalp massages and so I will probably never shampoo again. It was only to break up the scalp oil that I did shampoo, but massaging works even better. Their hair is soft, shiny and in no way oily (granted they haven't hit puberty yet!). They are complemented on their long beautiful hair all the time. I only wish I could have the same hair for myself. I seem to be such an over producer of sebum! Most people that go water only need only about 6 weeks to transition.

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    my kids use my shampoo when they feel like washing their hair. otherwise it's just water. i think ease of brushing has more to do with your hair type than what you use. when my kids are little (14ish mos-24 mos) they grow these superfine beautiful little ringlets which are impossible to brush and wind up as dreads until the first haircut. i almost never use soap of any kind on my babes unless there is something that simply won't come off with water and a washcloth. likewise, i have to be careful how it treat my hair or else it becomes frizzy and damaged.

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    I know some people use bicarbonate of soda to wash with and apple cider vinegar as a rinse, but that seems to work better for those who haven't got greasy hair. It sure doesn't work for me. I just end up with extremely greasy hair!
    The first time I tried the BS/ACV I made the ACV/Water mixture too strong and my hair looked wet all day long. Now, I put 1 capful with 1 cup or more of water and it just softens the hair shaft without the "greasy, wet" look. Maybe you did the same thing....

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