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Thread: You know you are primal when...

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    YKYPW: You have 101 ideas how to use a microwave for stuff EXCEPT cooking...

  2. #852're out for your daily 3 mile walk, happen to catch your reflection in a store window, and realize that in terms of build, posture, gait, etc., you look like the guy on the "Evolution of Man" poster.

    Or when someone calls the park police because you're working out in the woods/trail part of the park, benching logs, climbing trees, running barefoot...and you look like you're having fun, instead of wearing the "I'm miserable but I do this because it's good for me" face. Because as we all know, it's joy and solitary athleticism that are the real face of danger.

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    ....You and the faithful Wolf Cub are out for wind sprints on the beach and along the same stretch of sand is a skinny-fat jogger and her pampered looking pooch with a pink sparkly collar. Since she is doing a steady chug-chug pace and you are doing dash, walk, dash, walk, you keep ending up in about the same place. The only thing is that her dog keeps pulling at the leash wanting to come with you and the Wolf Cub because you look like you're having more fun.

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    When you make Cake Boss chocolate cookies for the office, eat a few teaspoons of batter, and feel ill the rest of the day.

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    115 get a job writing web content for a 'Premium Meat Boutique' butcher and when asked, "how do you want to want to be paid," you answer ... "In meat."

    Seriously. This might be the best job I've ever had.

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    This is dinner:
    primal 002.jpg

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    When you only buy sugar to make hummingbird nectar

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    ...when you've ben so damn busy working all day that you've forgotten to eat, and, when trying to decide if you're hungry or not, you do the math and say "oh, it's only been 14 hours since I've eaten, I'm good"

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    When your wife cuts all the fatty bits off a pot roast because they're "horkable" and you gobble them up before she can toss them in the trash, much to her dismay.

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    Just a friendly fyi... spices should be kept away from heat sources.

    "Store spices in a tightly-capped container and keep them away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight. Replace their lids right after use. Avoid storing spices and herbs over the stove, near a dishwasher or sink, or near a window.

    Members of the red pepper family, including paprika and chili powder, will retain their color and remain fresher longer when stored in the refrigerator."

    From: Keeping it Fresh | McCormick® Live deliciously™
    Quote Originally Posted by PoisonApple View Post
    true.. i suppose i could use it as a timer. these new timers on ovens are just terrible. Maybe I'll use it for extra storage, like spices and stuff to cook with... since it's just right up there and empty.
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