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Thread: Primal Journal: Punkgrokgirl Vs. Her Own Fat Butt, Round 1, FIGHT!

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    Aw, hey, thanks kindly, Amanda! Enjoy NYC, it has a lot to offer (I miss all the museums so much!). It's much better for convenient primal food than the south anyway! But yeah, I love it here so much, New Orleans is amazing and I couldn't deal with the NYC stress level any more.

    Good luck on your primal journey! If I may impart anything I've learned to anyone else... Be nice to yourself, don't overthink it, don't punish yourself for slip ups, get into effortlessly primal mode and then get caught up in your life, and be pleasantly surprised when all the changes happen. I made little progress when I was fighting for progress, and tons of progress when I just relaxed into it. Kick some ass.

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    Thanks for the advice!! Will do Kicking ass is what I'd love to do!!!

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    Hey Punkgrokgirl, I'm cajungrokgirl!! HAHAHA

    I was trying to send you a private message but your acct isn't set up to accept messages. I'm trying to plan a meetup in NOLA for the spring. I've been so jealous watching everywhere else have fun without us. We need to show them how to have fun NOLA-style...only with a Primal twist!

    Would you be interested in joining us?

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