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Thread: Worldwide Pull Up Challenge of 2011 Who's In?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NourishedEm View Post

    This is a link to Al Kavadlo's website where I first learned about Aussie Pull-ups. He has some great information on this site and lots about how to work up to a real pull-up.
    Thanks for that link. The visual made it clearer in my mind. Now I get it.

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    Ladies, forgot if it's been mentioned before but don't forget to incorporate some STATIC HOLDS when training pull-ups. Static holds are basically holding any part of a movement for a few seconds. In pull-ups the important parts to hold at first can be the top position, jump up and hold it, squeeze any muscle you feel needs squeezing (this can be an entire body thing, squeeze your abs, back, arms, glutes, quads, everything, it will recruit more strength to the parts that are holding you up) then lower to complete your negative. Once you're stronger you can start holding at the bottom of the rep.

    Static holds are good to throw in after a few regular reps and/or negatives. It's not too great an idea to do them first because they drain the muscle and are mentally tough as well, but every now and then switch it up and do your static holds first!

    Here's a quick video of me doing a static pull up routine during my break at work. This workout was on day 30 of my whole30, on an empty stomach, around 1pm in the afternoon. I'll outline the routine after the video, but mind you my times were off because it was windy and cold and I didn't have a timer. I guess one counts faster under stress:

    The tree branch provided extra wobblyness, and I'm 25 despite looking 14. This primal stuff hasn't given me chest hair or a bigger penis yet. Fingers crossed though!

    WARNING: If watching with kids/sensitive adults, I drop the f-bomb at the end of this video.

    - 5 wide pull ups, 10 second static hold chin over bar -- 10 second rest (I didn't even warm up to do this, so I took longer rest for sure, nothing wrong with that but for those that really wanna do the routine right, the 10 sec rest is a must)
    - 5 wide pull ups, 10 sec static hold head AGAINST bar -- 10 sec rest (didn't read that right, held it chin above bar)
    ( .. this next part I did wrong. I held each rep for what I thought was 5 seconds, came out to around 3-4 sec holds ...)
    - 5 close grip chin ups (palms facing you) 2 second static holds at the top and at the " L " of each rep. 10 second rest.
    - 1 "phorm" pull up, not advisable for beginners can really do a number on your shoulders. For anybody interested though a "phorm" pull up is when you stand under the bar and grab it with a close grip and lift yourself up by making your elbows pull sideways instead of in front of you. Hold that for 10 seconds, feel your shoulders scream. This hold made me not be able to do a pull up for a few days, been warned!! another 10 sec rest afer that.
    - Soldier pull ups. Come up to the bar and grab it like you would a baseball bat (one hand in front of the other -- you can see me interlocking my fingers, so I technically did it wrong) hold it on one side for 10 seconds chin above bar, then slightly lower and hold for 10 seconds head against bar. Drop down, switch hands, repeat on the other side. 10 second rest.
    - close grip pull up negatives, as many as you can. Explode up and slowly lower yourself.

    That's the end of the regular routine. I was mad though that I didn't get enough reps on the last part so I threw in a set of close grip chin ups and managed 6 though mentally I wanted to go for 10, my muscles were shot though. I was out of commission for two days after this, I don't think it was wise to do it without warming up but whatever.

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    Hey Fellow Pull Up Challenged,

    I was thinking it would be good for everybody to do a check in saying where they are right now on the road to a real pull up. Just for the record so we can look back on this this time next year.

    Example. Me. I can do four sets of ten of the level 1 (2 leg assisted) but they are way TOO assisted. I just got a set of Woody bands and am fumbling around with them.
    Current status: Can do 6-8 assisted (2 legs) pull ups on a door. Will try negatives & static holds once my bar arrives this week.

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    3-5 negative pull ups. Will attempt a true pull up/ chin up this evening.
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    At the risk of appearing to plagiarize the great batty, she posted this link in her journal a while back -- and endorsed its advice, so you know it's good:

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    Well I got the pullup bar, so first step accomplished! I'm definitely going to start with some negatives this week and maybe a static hold or two and see how it goes...
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    Good luck, Minxxa! *cheers*

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    Can I play? For some reason, I want to do a pull up more than anything else. I have your typical weak female upper body. Last night, I tried it on the I-beam of our basement, and I was amazed that I could actually pull myself up at all! I stood on a low balance beam we have down there for the kids, and pulled myself off it for a second. I'm amazed I could do that much. My goal is a true pull up by the end of the year. Do I know how to get there from here? Not a clue, but I"ll figure it out.
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    I'm totally in. I can do about 5 assisted pullups- both feet on the chair. Unassisted I can pull myself up about an inch.
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    Current pull-up status:
    I can do 8 one leg assisted pullups, or 8 one leg assisted chin-ups in a row.
    My reverse chin-up is pretty much a ‘semi’ controlled fast drop.
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