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Thread: Does anyone here smoke cigarettes?

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    Dec 2012
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    Wow! I've smoked for two years now. First it wasn't heavy..just occasionally. Then I almost got up to a pack a day and once I realized that I said screw that. I switched from Newports to American Spirit because they have no additives and honestly they helped. Immediately went from almost a pack a day to a pack every 4 to 5 days. Been doing that for the past 2 months or so, then decided to quit 2 days ago when I decided to go Primal and the first day was not that bad at all, but I live in Los Angeles, and I'm use to smoking when I'm driving to keep my road rage at bay and prevent me from yelling at, flipping off, or laying on my horn to other drivers on the freeway who have no common sense whatsoever(seriously just thinking about it makes me want to have a drag). So that night, I'm on the freeway and of course, every idiot in the world happen to be in front or behind me. I don't know if it's just me or not but it seems like everything I quit, I get really agitated easily. My friends can always tell, they'll say "What the hell is wrong with you today?! Did you quit smoking again?! Please go get a cigarette now!" I don't know what to do about it honestly. I feel that it's more habitual/mental than it is physical. I don't physically crave them, I just mentally do when I'm driving, or first wake up in the morning, or right before bed, or after sex, or when I'm drinking, or after I eat. Since I'm only 2 years in, I definitely want to quit before I put any more extra years in. Hopefully I can get over the mental urges.

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    I've never smoked cigarettes regularly, when I was a teenager almost all of my friends smoked, but I only smoked on social ocasions and even then it was maybe two or three a night tops, it usually went along with alcohol. I never liked how they tasted and had a hard time understanding how people became addicted, I guess it was only a matter of doing it consistently until you become chemically addicted to the nicotine.

    However, I do like to smoke cuban cigars, specially after a good meal or while relaxing at the beach/outdoors, but it's not something I do everyday, last week I had more than one per day, but before that I had spent months without smoking one, it's something I do because I enjoy it, not because I need to.

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    Hi there! Smoker here... Jan 1 is my goal stop date. I have smoked for quite some time. I have stopped a few times for almost a year. There is a book I read, Its not some scare tactic book. It sets you up mentally, that is really the problem. The book is by Allen Carr, The Easy Way To Stop smoking. Honestly I think it's the easiest way. I am about to start reading myself. I just turned 30 and I have been primal a few months, I want to really get healthy! The smoking has got to go for me hope you get a chance to check it out. I swear it is wonderful!! Good luck!

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    I smoked for 20 years,on and off. You know how you give up and start agin when there is a trigger event.. going to the pub used to do it for me.
    I gave up fo ten years once, then worked in a pub where every one smoked and of course began again. Its a social thing as much as anything for me.
    I finally kicked it agian about two years ago, I go cold turkey. Just throw the packet away and do it.
    Tell your self its killing you, it makes you stink, makes your skin wrinkled, makes you cough, makes you look old, yellows your teeth... the only people who benefit are the manufacturer and government from the tax on ciggies.. that stinks too. Think about it and make your self loath all those people who want you to smoke. Then Love your self for having the strength to give it up.
    If you are old enough to smoke... you are old enough to know better.

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    I smoked when I was a teenager. Honestly can't remember how long I smoked. Maybe 7 or 8 years? *shrug*
    Been smoke free now for.. gosh.. maybe 8-10... I have a terrible memory lol.
    I was kinda forced to quit though.
    Didn't have money of my own so couldn't buy any and my husband (boyfriend at the time) wanted to quit so yeah. I was shit out of luck so had to quit.
    It was the suckiest, hardest thing I've ever had to do.
    The nicotine craving was nothing, it was getting out of the habit of wanting a smoke after doing everything. After eating, after waking up, while on the computer, after sex, while driving, etc etc.

    Anyway, it took a good few years before the urge to smoke went away.
    It's extremely difficult but it is most definetly doable.
    My father smoked for 30+ years and quit cold turkey. He was an extremely heavy smoker too.
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    Don't smoke cigarettes, but I do smoke a pipe. Hasn't slowed me down much - I can hold my breath for 2.5 minutes, cycle 50 miles in a morning, or go backpacking for 5 days etc etc

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    I smoked for 10 years and quit cold turkey on November, 30st 2012. Since then, I have no craving for nicotine. Luckily I am very determined and if I really want something I stand behind it 100 percent. I am living the motto:
    “By becoming a conscious choice-maker, you begin to generate actions that are evolutionary for you.”

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    I quit after smoking for 8 years when I caught a bad cold and hadn't smoked for a day. I decided to quit and stayed off. Every time I had a craving, I'd go to the gym. Being winded kept me motivated to stay off. Three and a half years later, I started again during my separation and subsequent divorce from my wife. I quit again cold turkey when I started playing baseball again. That lasted a while, but relationship problems with my girlfriend brought the smokes back. When we finally broke up, I realized I was smoking because of her. I decided I wasn't going to let somebody else control my life, got mad and cold-turkeyed it. I don't miss it at all.

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    I was a smoker for many years, it has been really hard for me to finally quiit but there were a few things that really helped my I ordered some lung health supplements from Natural, Organic Vitamins & Supplements | to start to rehabilitate my lungs. This would help me to not turn back because I had already started to heal my lungs and I didn't want to lose my progress, as my health and being around for my family was my main motivation. I also bough an e cig and for the situations where the cravings got really bad. I only had to use it a few times but it helped me get past the really bad times. Lastly I did two things I would chew gum when craving and avoid coffee. sounds weird but those two things really helped. 8 months later I'm so glad I feel like a different person! I have quit smoking and eat healthier (primal blueprint cookbook was an amazing help in this) I feel like a much different happier person! Good luck to all who are starting to quit! Good luck you can do it!

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    I have smoked maybe 20 cigarettes in my life but I have smoked a pipe and cigars since I was in high school. And I inhale. The weird thing is that I don't seem to be addicted to either of them. I work overseas and I'm home for a few weeks every 3 months. When I'm home, I don't smoke or maybe, one cigar a week if that. I have been home almost 2 weeks now and have not had anything.

    When I'm in Egypt, I smoke almost everyday, usually a small cigar with my morning coffee and shesha in the evenings (water pipe). I enjoy them, I inhale them but if they are not around, or I'm busy, I don't have a problem doing without.

    I think there is something added to the tobbaco of cigarettes that may cause the addiction. There is something like 250 chemicals in cigarette tobbaco versus none added to cigar or pipe tobacco beyond some flavoring. When I have smoked cigarettes, I felt like shit, a feeling I don't get with pipes and cigars.

    I have known people that stopped smoking cigarettes by switching to a pipe or cigar. Debatable as to if that is the healthier choice but considering what is in cigarette tobacco, I don't think it would be any worse.
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