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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    the few times i've been drunk "in my youth" i didn't get hangovers, but now i do. I can have half a beer and have a headache the next morning. a little over two beers last night (yes, i am a complete lightweight) and i could barely walk! anyway, no hangover, but i'm still going to chug water and keep food in my stomach.

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!! my only culinary contribution this year is a pumpkin pie, flaky wheat crust and all.

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    Sweet!!! I should good to go when I start on my wine in a bit.

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    You do that! Tonight is going to suck, so i'm sure i'll be inebriated rather quickly after dropping off the kids.

    It's kind of hard not to do what feels good, during a time when not much feels good.

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    How are you now?

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    Ups and downs. Thanks for asking, can't be too cautious about what I put online right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    can't be too cautious about what I put online right now.
    good idea. here is wishing you more ups than downs

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    thank you. I feel empty fairly often, but I also have met a lot of cool people very recently. i'm trying to focus on strengthening my current friendships while also forging new ones. so, yeah. ups and downs.

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    Ah, have to be cautious about what you say? I'm sorry. PM me anytime if you'd like, if it might help. I wish you the best. And yay for meeting new cool friendly people!

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    Ditto with PMing me. I know I haven't been around, and I haven't done my back-reading yet to get caught up, but I'm also glad to offer an ear or a shoulder as needed. My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

    Originally Posted by TheFastCat: Less is more more or less

    And now I have an Etsy store: CattailsandCalendula

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    I don't know how serious he is about his threats, and they've mostly stopped, but you can't be too careful. Finals week is coming up, and job-hunting this week!

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