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Thread: Saoirse's Primal Journal

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    Yeah, it was an anti-nuke song if I recall correctly.

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    long day, watching kids at my house, watching kids play in a crowded park in full sun. i've been eating well, and it's time to make dinner now. little guy is taking a really really late nap, so i'm not sure if he's in bed for the night or if i should expect a late night.

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    class starts tomorrow, yay! i actually dreamed about it last night. speaking of dreams, friday night/saturday morning i dreamed about seeing rotation in the clouds, and yesterday evening i noticed this beautiful cloud come in (i think it's called a wall loud), then i noticed...rotation! kids were as little frightened, knowing that rotation sometimes drops a tornado, but i reassured them that the storm was too small, and even if it did drop a tornado, it would drop one on those poor bastards east of us. i've experienced a few tornadoes in areas close to my location, but have never experienced one personally. i remember back in maybe '96, i was just a kid playing in the backyard and i saw rotating clouds. i decided to go inside, and a tornado touched down on the east edge of town, destroying a few buildings. then there was the tornado that "wiped out" a town west of us a few days after our wedding. i was worried that our flights to the honeymoon would be delayed. the prairie town was really just a few buildings, with a population of maybe two families. no one was hurt. then there were the times as a kid when mom would freak out and rush us all down to the basement. i'm sure the east texan has cooler stories.

    anyway, so here's your pic of the day.

    i don't know much about clouds, so i could be way off. but it was starting to spin in the area directly above the tip of the pole. kids and i talked about fronts, and why tornadoes form. i've been watching way too much Storm Chasers, lol.

    the sky was so pretty. i wish i had a better camera.

    later the sky grew yellow and the wind picked up.
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    That's cool, I've never seen anything like that. Here's what we saw in the sky yesterday:


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    hmm...primal, right?

    okay, yesterday i had a hamburger patty, then a bunch of ground pork and sauteed vegetables (yellow peppers, onions, and spinach). i may have snacked on a few things throughout the day: blueberries, and apple slice here or there, maybe a little cheese, i don't really remember. we ordered out for dinner; the kids had beef and broccoli and an egg roll, i had "triple delight (sort of like Happy Family" but in a beef broth-based sauce). i had a spoon or two if rice with mine. i had to use a chicken up, and it has been too warm to bake, so i threw the chicken in the crockpot with a ton of rosemary, salt, pepper, and crushed garlic. then i ate a before-bed snack of some chicken and oh right, i had the munchies so i ate some chocolate chips. now we have this lovely chicken to snack on throughout the week, followed by some stock.

    I skipped breakfast and had an early lunch of chicken with an avocado and salsa. i need to think of some more food as that's not going to hold me over very long.

    some of my clothes are fitting my bum better. i've also started doing girly pushups again; three sets of ten yesterday.

    i had a pretty long conversation with a friend about cosmetic surgery yesterday. she has had a bit of work done: breasts and tummy tuck. she had gained a bit of weight during pregnancies, and when she lost it all after her pregnancies, she had sacks of skin for breasts and a flap of skin where her belly had been. she agonized over the decision, and faced a lot of criticism after the surgery, but she's happy with it. i showed her my belly and she said that surgery wouldn't be worth it; even after her surgery, her tummy isn't "bikini ready" because of the scarring and whatnot. somehow, i felt more accepting of my tummy after talking with her. if there's nothing i can do to change it, maybe it's best that i just not care. lucky girl will be in Cabo with her husband (and no kids) for a week.
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    more primal stuff:
    my husband had a great idea to move all of the dirt and debris from behind the shed to use as garden soil; previous residents were using it as a lawn waste dump. of course, being cynical i was worried about lawn chemicals and people pouring out crap, so i said "no way." that was a year or so ago, and i'm sick of waiting on this guy to bring me dirt, so today i decided to use his idea and move the dirt/debris into their little garden, using a broken little red wagon to carry it. who knew such a little space would require so much dirt? i probably moved around 20 wagon loads. the dirt is lovely and friable, with little specks of wood. i hope it will do nicely. there's only one downside: much of the composted yard waste was probably from the walnut tree and jugelin does not break down in compost. i'll have to give the kids a list of jugelin tolerant plants. anyway, now my shoulders, arms, back, and obliques have had a workout and in maybe a week, the kids can plant their garden!

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    Growing up in Dallas, wallclouds amd rotation didn't bother me. Those were par for the course and chump change. It's when the sky goes green and I start hearing the sound of train engines that I start heading for protection. My mother and I loved to storm chase when I was a kiddo. She'd hear about a storm spawning tornados nearby or see something promising on the radar and throw us all in the car to go "chase" it (from 5-10 miles away at the closest.)
    After the tornados I went through as a kid, I give them a respectful tip of my hat and thank my lucky stars they're rare out here.
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    these didn't bother me, they were just cool to look at. AFAIK there has been a tornado touch down in the vicinity of my house for the past 100 years, but a few miles east of us is another story. wow, storm chasing with kids? that's risky, but i imagine you have some great memories.

    why do i bother browsing MDA when i feel brain dead? i've had a busy day, and i kind of wish the kids would stop talking to me for a little while.

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    why hello there, Breyer's Rocky Road ice cream. make yourself at home while i slip into something more...comfortable.

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