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Thread: FATHEAD the Movie by Tom Naughton

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    How timely. Fat Head just came in the mail from NetFlix yesterday, so that will be tonight's entertainment as I finish up the last of my Citrus-Braised Lamb Shanks. Can't wait!

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    Frogfarm, I so am with you. HATE the guy's voice and the way he seems to exaggerate everything with that "tone", he speaks as though he nose is always plugged.


    It was an okay movie but wasn't very legit. It was gross watching him eat, just like Supersize Me. He also ate 100g of carbs or more a day!

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    I listened to the clip, and his voice isn't /that/ bad. A little nasal, but I've heard much worse.

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    Bonus interview from his website:

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    I meant to post that there were some extra clips on the website, I came across them as I was trying to find out if this was available in the UK yet (answer - "ish" - no official distributor but seemed to be able to import on Amazon).

    And I know what you mean about his voice, it did start grating after a few clips in a row.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I bought a copy and don't regret it. Tom self-financed that film, and I don't think he's quite out of the hole yet.
    Finally watched it.

    I'm sure he got a healthy stack of cash from McD, a large amount of the movie was a defense of industry.

    The "nobody makes you eat it" tired old argument.

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    Fat Head opened my eyes to this whole world and led me on my journey to finding a healthy solution for my unhealthy life. What I got out of the movie and I think was the essence of the film was the idea that nutritional recommendations have been based on bad science. The blog also led me to MDA and many other resources. Thank you Tom.

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    I enjoyed the clips I've seen on YouTube and plan to watch the whole film, even though I'm not biased towards low-carb eating.

    He blogs regularly, too.
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    It's a great movie. I actually like it a whole lot more than Food Inc. It's also on Amazon instant video, for anyone who has that.

    And oh yeah: Talk about a dead thread bump (2009)

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    Fathead is a great movie but the part that kind of got in the way was all the time spent refuting the other guy's movie about McDs.

    Tom Naughton did a speech called The Big Fat Fiasco in which he talks about the historical background of the low fat paradigm and the basic science on lower carb/higher fat approaches. It basically expands on the good parts of fathead without the McD distraction.

    It is a really good "starter video" for a non primal friend who might be interested but doesn't want to wade through dense scientific journals and such.

    Fat Head Video of the “Big Fat Fiasco” Speech

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