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Thread: Those weird little bonuses

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    Jan 2013
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    I lost 7-8 KG the last months.
    Had some "Fall oft the Waggons" especially during holiday in Christmas.

    But now i'm back !

    I've never been that fat but I still feel not comfortable in my body very offen.

    Things I discovered:

    -feeling better
    -no yawning all the day !
    -no gas in the belly
    -no cravings. The last two days I did not eat much.
    I think my body has to get used to all the fat
    - daadd ellbows !!! This is awesome.

    Great thread btw. So motivating !

    No i will go To work. Lets See how I feel with very low carb ( had some in my first try).

    Have a nice week and let that elbows become even smoother

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    I've only been strictly primal for 5 days and I can already feel a huge difference in my mood. I feel... level. And happier. In the past I have had pretty intense mood swings. As of today (most notably) and yesterday... I've felt more balanced and notice that circumstances that might have triggered me before have not. My stomach aches have gone away, as well. I've been gluten free (have celiac) for many years, but I had never committed to cutting carbs completely because I didn't know it would be so crucial to my wellbeing.
    I'm very pleased so far, and I'm looking forward to more positive shifts.

    Actually... I also just noticed that I'm not breaking out at all. I don't break out horribly but usually have at least a few little spots. I don't have any. Nice!
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    I'm 6 weeks primal now. So far I've noticed many of the same things you all have:

    Less gas
    My hair grows faster
    My belly fat is disappearing
    I rarely feel tired after eating now
    I need less food when I'm being active
    I dream constantly (although I don't remember them well)
    My sense of smell is improved
    The dark circles under my eyes seem to be less dark
    High Weight: 225
    Weight at start of Primal: 189
    Current Weight: 174
    Goal Weight: 130

    Primal Start Date: 11/26/2012

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    I have had many improvements, but improvement in my sense of smell was completely unexpected. I used to think that people who complained of others' perfumes, etc, were prima donnas. Now I can smell fabric softener on the treadmiller next to me at the gym and sometimes it is so overpowering that I have to stop and switch to a different treadmill!

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    Nothing to add but this...those back dimples are the sexiest thing on a woman, and I don't know why.

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    1 year primal. 1 year sans migraines.

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    Awesome thread.

    I actually did not have any health issues before going primal. I've not been sick for the past 10 years at least, so I did not expect any "extra's" besides converting a few % of fat into lean mass and stabilising my energy levels.
    However, I've noticed some positive side effects:
    - Decreased cold sores outbreaks. I used to have an outbreak about once a month. Since going primal (8 months ago) I only had one
    - No more hunger, ever! I used to get real cranky if I had diner 30 minutes later than expected. To the joy of my friends and family that is gone now.
    - Less cold hands/feet.
    - No more runny noses. Used to have to clear my nose every day just to breath through it. Haven't blown my nose since Primal.
    - Brainfog gone. I had read about it on the forums before I started, but never knew what it meant until it went away.
    - Flatulence gone. They say that the everage man farts about 20 times a day, I was well over that before going primal. I barely fart anymore nowadays. My brother feels sees this as the biggest benefit. So, I'll mention it on his behalf. Still undecided if I consider it a positive though. Good times.... :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazmin View Post
    I can drink red wine without stuffed-up sinuses and headache for the first time in several years ... and I'm only 3 weeks Primal!
    Oh, I can't wait for this! I've always wondered what causes this.

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    Thanks everyone for posting on this thread! I'm new, and I would be THRILLED if a new way of eating could fix my eczema (had it on and off since middle school... the only thing that works is heavy-duty steroid cream, but then only temporarily), allergies, and adult acne. THRILLED. IN CAPS. I am so encouraged by all the people saying they were seeing benefits like that. That would be magical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vtphoenix View Post
    Nothing to add but this...those back dimples are the sexiest thing on a woman, and I don't know why.

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