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Thread: Fast food: Is there ANY actual evidence/science that it's unhealthy ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by eig View Post
    With their history, I wouldn't trust the gov. to tie my shoe laces if I could.
    Wait. This makes it sound like the govt DOES tie your shoes. How do I get signed up for that service? I want to get my money's worth.
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    fast food

    Quote Originally Posted by glorth2 View Post
    Yes, every time I eat it I feel like shit.
    This is subjective and possibly reverse placebo effect.

    The billion dollar industry virtually proves that people don't feel like shit when eating fast food.
    If it made people feel bad, they would go out of business.
    People eat rat poison and feel like shit.
    In reality, fast food has been one of the strongest consumer sectors out there.
    $160 BILLION dollars of people voting with their happy stomachs.

    Quote Originally Posted by endless View Post
    It's standardized, highly processed, CAFO, lots of additives....
    What is "standardized" How does this make fast food unhealthy?

    Do you have any evidence that CAFO meat makes people sick, or die earlier, or get cancer?
    (Or whatever you believe CAFO does)

    Which additives are you claiming are unhealthy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Forager View Post
    Who cares if it's actually "poisonous" it tastes like crap!

    If you need science to convince you that it's not okay to eat fast food, be my guest, have my share! I'd rather fast than eat flavors manufactured in a lab and made by machines. I don't only eat for my health, I eat for flavor. Nor do I need the FDA to tell me what's good to eat.
    Actually, fast food is some of the best tasting food in existence.
    That is why it is a 160 BILLION dollar industry.

    Yes, I need science and facts.
    Not emotional opinions and media brainwashing.

    Is there evidence that flavors from a lab are bad for you? Any science or facts?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheyCallMeLazarus View Post
    This is a little bit like asking "Why is arsenic bad for you? I see how people used to drink it for medicine, but they didn't die immediately."

    -- Simply put, it is unbelievably highly processed with caloric bombs that would be impossible without industrial food technologies. By this I mean that one can eat a standard meal, and within it there will be fat/carbs/sugar/fat that as no match in actual human food....and to add to it, it is all nearly devoid of fiber. This means that it is digested extremely quickly, with hormonal responses exaggerated to match it. Natural food is NEVER capable of those kind of macros without fiber.
    -- The additives to it have never been tested long-term in humans. I am talking about putting the stuff that yoga mats are made of into meat to make it more "spongy", or any of the thousand of other additives like it.
    -- No one with functioning brain cells is calling it "poison", in the same sense that cyanide is is called industrial food. This makes it, almost by definition, not "human food".

    I would write more, but it feels unnecessary. It is not exactly controversial to say that if I can eat a quarter pounder and fries at McDonalds, taking in about 3500 cal without any fiber in it hardly at all, that this is probably not good for you. Add that it is bathed in additives, highly inflammatory oils, on and on. I mean really? This is an actual question?
    False analogy. Fast food is not arsenic.
    There has never been a recorded case of a person dying from toxicity of fast food. Poor logic.

    "Caloric bombs" are also bad logic.
    If you eat a 300 calories burger it is not a caloric bomb.
    With your logic, eating a 300 calories burger is fine?

    Ok, we have a FACT! Fast food has no fiber. Yes, fiber is good for glycemic load

    What spongy additive is added to the meat? Facts only, please.

    Ok, so then is "industrial food" actually bad for you? Or do you just think it is?
    Science, facts, and evidence only please.

    FYI, a quarter pounder and fries at McDonalds is 730 calories.
    You are off by a factor of 5.

    Quote Originally Posted by MEversbergII View Post
    These days, the seed oils are the obvious downside.
    Can you explain some facts about the perils of seed oils?

    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    The veg. oils and grains are the main problems I have with fast food from a health perspective. I'd eat the meat (like the un-bunned burgers, not the "chicken" nuggets) and the veg without a worry. Not every day though, because it's just junky quality stuff. If you think it's good for you, go eat a diet comprised of lots of it and report back to us.
    What do you mean by "Junky" quality?
    Do you have a more empirical way to make your point?

    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    is there any evidence that it's NOT unhealthy?
    This logical fallacy is actually called "argumentum ad ignorantiam" (Argument from ignorance)
    Lack of evidence in one direction does not prove the opposite.
    Since I can't prove god does not exist, that does not mean god exists.

    But, in fact, I can actually prove fast food is healthy for you.
    The control will be a person eating no food. Starvation.
    The experiment will be a person eating fast food.
    Care to guess which one will die first.
    Fast food is therefore literally healthy and nutritious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Googling FDA and trans-fats: Trans Fat
    Trans-fats are used in fast-food to fry things. A lot of fast-food is fried.
    Finally, we have an actual FACT! Trans fats. It seems the verdict is still out.
    However, if one wanted to avoid this downside, you would just avoid fried fast foods with trans fats.
    But, not all fast food is friend. But, an important distinction.

    Quote Originally Posted by miata View Post
    On the other hand if you have this image of a kid eating fried chicken, french fries, giant sodas and apple pies every meal then that is very bad. These kids don't even know what broccoli or cauliflower are -- not to mention brussell sprouts, squash, etc.
    Straw man logic.
    Not every kid is eating fried chicken, french fries, and giant sodas when eating fast food.
    I addressed this in my original post. What if the kid eats a 400 calorie fast food meal? Now how poison is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by eig View Post
    Do you seriously think people aren't dieing because of the amount of fast food consumed in this country and any other that has adopted fast food? No, at least not fat in general. Trans fats and rancid seed oils on the other hand...
    More circular reasoning. Yes, I think people aren't dying on the spot from fast food. I have never seen it. That is why I am seeking facts, logic, science, and evidence. Not brasinwashing, emotion, and dogma.

    Can you talk more about "rancid" seed oil and trans fats?
    Quote Originally Posted by FrenchFry View Post
    whole foods that are 1000's of times tastier,
    Subjective. MOST people find fast food to be 1000x tastier than dry broccoli.
    Science confirms this fact. Fat, sugar, salt = Dopamine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neeleh View Post
    Who needs scientific evidence? If I eat 'junk' I feel like sh*te; gain weight, dull my complexion and become suicidally depressed. n=1? Show me someone this isn't true for.
    Zero logic. B/c science.

    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    There isn't enough research on GMOs to come to any conclusions. You want to be the guinea pig? That's your choice.

    You want to eat animals who've been raised with hormones and daily antibiotics? Be my guest.

    You want to eat salad that's been sprayed with who knows what to keep it looking fresh? Again, how you treat your body is up to you.

    In the most simplistic terms, nature makes good food; factories make bad food. If you'd eaten decent food for most of your life, you wouldn't even need to ask the question since fast food tastes like the crap from which it's made.
    Ok, so GMO has not been proven to be unhealthy. People just assume it is?

    Do you actually know what the salad has been sprayed with? Facts only.

    Factories make bad food? What does that mean exactly? Got science and empirical facts? Not emotion.

    Fast food is scientifically proven to be very very VERY tasty and addictive. not dry broccoli. sugar, fat, salt. 160 billion dollar industry bears this out.

    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
    Who cares? It is processed food cooked in crappy oil full of HFCS and other chemicals/additives. I avoid eating shitty foods. I don't need evidence or a study to convince me not to do harmful things to my body.
    The oil is full of HFCS?

    How do you know it's harmful if you don't need evidence? Are you highly religious and prone to emotional leaps of faith with no facts or science?
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    Heroin is tasty, addictive, and a billion dollar industry. I simply use common sense to know not to touch it.

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    Sounds like you are just trying to justify eating fast food....go for it. I don't care and am not here to convince you that it's unhealthy. If you can't figure that out on your own then why are you even on this

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    OBW, I don't know whether fast food alone is to blame for making people unhealthy or obese, or is it the other way around, i. e. obese (unhealthy people) eating more fast food. Admittedly, I'm too lazy and uninterested to research this topic in depth.

    Ever had french fries that have been fried in heavily oxidized soybean oil repeatedly heated so many times that they come out dark and bitter? I really don't need any evidence to tell that it can't be healthy.
    Empirical evidence shows that people who systematically consume deep fried foods tend to be obese and unhealthy, or at the very least overweight, even though they don't drop dead left and right, at least not in the short term. Is the fast food industry alone to blame? IDK, probably not, but it certainly it doesn't remedy the situation either.

    Another thing about fast food is that the meal combinations offered are usually high in both, carbs and fat, neither come from good quality sources, and being for the most part void of nutrients they don't offer much in the way of satiety. This creates a never ending craving cycle for many and they end up overeating.
    I think some chains like Wendy's for example offer some half decent choices, and even foods like pizza are not necessarily unhealthy for people who are able to digest gluten fine.

    And do you seriously believe that the gov't really cares about the health of the average citizen?
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    The op is clearly trolling, stop feeding him big macs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyBodyWeight View Post
    Can you explain some facts about the perils of seed oils?
    I must apologize, but I cannot get NCMI up here at work

    In the mean time, I can offer these links:

    Healthy Oils | Mark's Daily Apple
    Dear Mark: Canola Oil | Mark's Daily Apple
    Polyunsaturated Fats: Are They Healthy? | Mark's Daily Apple

    Yes, they reference our site, but contain external support. It would be better organized if I linked those instead of all the external references.


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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalMarduk View Post
    The op is clearly trolling, stop feeding him big macs.
    Apparently some people enjoy mental masturbation, I don't. I'm finished.
    AKA: Texas Grok

    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
    Facebook is to intelligence what a black hole is to light

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    Anytime a person has gone to the "let's put titles on the 'bad logic' of someone else" device, you can immediately assume that they are not interested in actual discussion. They are interested in feeling smarter than other people. I don't feel like encouraging that.

    And yes, I could spend a half hour putting together a well-researched, scientifically bulletproof argument to explain why eating that trash is bad for people. That said, I will abdicate to the great Mr. Paine on this one as to why I'd rather go hiking on my day off.

    “To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”
    "The soul that does not attempt flight; does not notice its chains."

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