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Thread: Television Commercials

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    I was at a friends last night and the tv was on in the background. I couldn't help but notice all the food commercials. All processed food touting health! No wonder people are so confused as to what is good for them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksmith View Post
    Most commercials and for crap food I don't eat and medicines that you wouldn't need most likely if you stop eating crap for food.
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    Anyone ever watch Big Bang Theory? Talking about commercials and Raj says "The only thing I've learned in the last two hours is that American men love drinking beer, pee too often, and have trouble getting erections.... I'm just saying maybe if you people cut back on the beer, you could get out of the bathroom and satisfy your women without pharmaceutical help."

    He's got it.

    My tv quit working and after some initial withdraw I don't really miss it. The internet is a wonderful place to find tv.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stacy15 View Post
    I was at a friends last night and the tv was on in the background. I couldn't help but notice all the food commercials. All processed food touting health! No wonder people are so confused as to what is good for them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by froggie View Post
    No TV here and not missing any of it.
    It happened by choice . And I've never ONCE thought "How I wish I had a TV!" since I moved into my new place 6 months ago. I catch up with the news and the few TV shows I am faithful to on Hulu. For free and with reduced commercials.
    No TV here either; I've got a Netflix account. And my personal rule for food shopping is that if it comes in a package, I don't eat it.

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    Junk food commercials can hit me hard sometimes. Dairy Queen ones? Oh hell yes. And McD's definitely made me laugh... I love their fillet o'fish commercial with the goldfish and the cat. XD That's freakin' hilarious.

    That food commercials that annoy the CRAP out of me are the 'healthy' food ones. I find them far more obnoxious than the purely hedonistic stuff. Eat like nature intended you to eat my ass!

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    I love the latest Marie Osmond "Nutrisystem" commercial. Not to be mean, but she's wearing black (supposedly slimming) and it looks like she's gained a lot of her weight back! "Just eat our processed pre-made and pre-packaged meals and watch the weight fall off"!!!

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    No tv here, either. For us, it is the physical box that plays DVDs and Netflix. In 1985 I left the US for my mom's home country of Germany, where I couldn't afford TV as I was living on the economy and completely paying my own way with a job - at 18. That TV-less situation lasted 8 years, when I returned to the US to marry my old high school flame. We, then, still didn't have cable, just broadcast TV because we were a poor married couple with hubby just starting his career. One move up the socioeconomic ladder and two kids later, we chose to still not have it because we are crazy enough to deprive our children of that crap. Then 9-11 happened, and our broadcast antenna went down with the Twin Towers (living close to NYC at the time), so we had no TV at all for several weeks and discovered just how wonderful fully TV free is.

    Now, we live in the boondocks, and to get cable-style TV out here you need satellite, which we categorically refuse. Even getting steady internet is hard sometimes, so Netflix is newish to us. We see cable TV at the relatives and friends who live in towns and cities as we visit, and truthfully, my kids HATE it. Not just because Mommy raised them TV-free, but because they have come to their own conclusions, and want no part of it. I take that to mean that my kids actually have retained their inborn IQ and natural abhorrence for the artificial. Good for them!!

    Now I know why everybody has an ADHD diagnosis - jeezeebers, how long do you get to actually watch anything before it gets cut away for some ad or something other, like 30 seconds?!?! A lifetime spent watching flashing pictures, especially if done from babyhood, will change your neurology, and I really mean that. Not even something like the History Channel is immune - you only get a short period of time to settle in for a good story before they are cutting away to advertise themselves in the form of another, different program of theirs you can watch(!) later, and flip-floppy it goes, all the way through, all day long.

    I like the old German system, where ALL the commercials get balled up into 30-min blocks a couple or so times per day and you got to watch your shows and programs unmolested. Dunno if they do that still - I was there 18 months ago, and I sure as hell didn't watch TV during my trip!
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