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Thread: Muscle breakdown at night

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    There's a lady on reddit recently who followed a program for bikini competition. NO supplements, lots of lifting, lots of real food. She looks great. Lots of visible muscle. Even for competitors the supplements aren't necessary.
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    but lots of competitors and lifters read and listen to utter junk about what they should eat to GET MOARBIGSTRONGBULK.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noodletoy View Post
    but lots of competitors and lifters read and listen to utter junk about what they should eat to GET MOARBIGSTRONGBULK.
    What, you mean they go a little... mad?

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    *pushes past noticeably stronger people and clears throat*

    What's the point of fat stores, liver and muscle glycogen, when the body breaks muscle down for glucose anyway? It doesn't make sense to me that the body is now burning something useful for the sake of glucose, instead of burning the stored fat, which is why it's there in the first place. Does this have anything to do with the macros in the diet?

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    Muscle breakdown at night

    Stored fat is also useful, especially in bodybuilders whose body fat % is below what body finds ideal to pad organs and such. Fat is also spared for starvation periods, whereas a huge muscle mass is energetically expensive ("inefficient") to maintain.

    Enough muscle to do every day movements is useful. Bodybuilders' extra muscles aren't necessarily "useful" to your body.

    It isn't a black and white issue...multiple components can be broken down for energy at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RittenRemedy View Post
    A gym... Sista... was talking today about how she drinks a casein shake before bed to prevent muscle breakdown overnight to get protein for the body. Is this maybe something that's only an issue on a low protein diet or maybe a glycogen thing? I've seen a lot of paleo folks who eat their carbs later in the day for better sleep and glycogen. Makes sense? Bros, teach me your science.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elliot View Post
    Cortisol peaks at night and cortisol promotes muscle catabolism, so the woman's statement has some truth to it.
    She (and elliot it seems) is doing it in response to a large amount of disinformation that is circulated about cortisol.

    people think sleeping, they think catabolism.

    But it isn't the "I'm starving, i've had nothing to eat for days" catabolism, it isnt even the catabolism that fires up after we haven't eaten for more than a few hours. In this type of catabolism, cortisol levels are increased slightly in the case of post prandial, and largely in the case of starvation. cortisol is a metabolism "booster" it helps get energy stored in the body, broken down quickly for body uptake. Cortisol is massively released in a "fight or flight" situation to give the body a large supply of internal energy. When at rest in a post prandial catabolic state, it isn't released in significant amounts above basal, as the body doesn't have need for significant amounts of energy. Cortisol also has another (very intuitive) characteristic. It targets energy stored in Storage cells before it targets energy in the protiens of muscle cells. If your stores are sufficient, you can get through a large cortisol spike without seeing any significant reduction in functional body cells. Only when cortisol is released chronically and your stores are perpetually depleted (think over training marathoner) do we see muscle catabolism.


    Sleeping catabolism is different, it is largely based on recycling and renewing our cells, while providing a for a far reduced overnight energy requirement. During the night and especially during sleep Cortisol is at its lowest level, only when the birds start chirping does our body hit us with a spike of cortisol to "boost" our metabolism back into life as we wake up. If the rest of our day is largely uneventful and stress free this could be the largest cortisol levels we see for the day.

    Don't buy into the Hype guys cortisol is NORMAL, if your doing normal things, cortisol will not worry your body. Cortisol is another tool in the shed at your bodies disposal. If you manage to leg it from a robber you can thank cortisol for the win. If you can't eat for a few days because your sick, you can thank cortisol for keeping you out of the hospital. Only when your doing abnormal things like chronic cardio or long term abnormal dietary configuring (eg VLC, very low calorie etc) will cortisol be left with no option but to start hacking into your muscles.

    People must really not trust their bodies to be doing the right thing, that they think something as normal as going to bed will lead to abnormal body destruction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dilberryhoundog View Post
    People must really not trust their bodies to be doing the right thing, that they think something as normal as going to bed will lead to abnormal body destruction.
    These days, it seems that the body is constantly trying to work around the sick mind it is hosting ...

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    you dont need casein powder, and you dont need to replenish anything at night as long as you are meeting your macros and cals by days end - more specifically getting enough protein - 1 gram per lb weight, and eating wholesome foods, etc

    I use to buy into those supps, not really needed, perhaps BCAA if you lift, thats about it IF your eating right that is - Paleo, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    Broscience 101:

    Nutrient timing is minutiae. The most important thing is to get the right amount of the right muscle building blocks overall.
    I mostly agree with this, although I think there might be some benefits with regard to nutrition partitioning to a preworkout meal, and similarly, exercising after a meal).

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