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    How much cycling is 'Chronic Cardio'?

    Hi guys,

    I cycle to work almost every day and, particularly in the summer, often go for leisurely rides in the evenings/weekends.

    I was just wondering how much cycling people would regard as...
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    Nutrition for 164 mile cycle over 2 days

    Ride the North | 2 day challenge Ride in the Scottish Highlands

    I'm taking part in the above event and was wondering how I would best feed myself for energy before, during, and after? It is over 2...
  3. Thread: Which fish oil?

    by HERC0

    Poll: Which fish oil?

    I wonder if some of you might help me decide which of these 2 fish oils is the best, and how much I should take of it per day to get enough total Omega-3 as well as EPA and DHA?

    The Ultra Omega-3...
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    The recommendation highlights for me are: ...

    The recommendation highlights for me are:

    Red meat only in moderation
    Coconut, butter, cream, and visible fat on meats in the avoid/rarely column (he's thinking of getting rid of his coconut...
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    Help! Doctor's 'Healthy' Diet!


    I was wondering if any of you could help me pick apart the attached 'healthy diet' guide my 60 year old father received from his doctor yesterday after the results of a blood test showed he...
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    Advice on cycling to work

    Hey guys

    I've just bought a brand new hybrid bicycle for commuting to work. The distance is 5 miles, 1 of which is almost completely downhill (on the way to work), the rest is a mixture of up and...
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    Dealing with temptation at work

    Hi all!

    I'm trying to stick to Primal as much as I can, but I'm really struggling at work. Nearly every single day there are things like muffins, brownies, cake and chocolate brought in and as I...
  8. Haha yes I actually bought from Hook & Son for...

    Haha yes I actually bought from Hook & Son for about a month last year but the problem was that it was too expensive! They had to transport it over halfway up the country so it just wasn't worth it,...
  9. Advice on entering cow share agreement for raw milk

    Hi everyone

    I've spent my lunch today sourcing out a few local organic dairy farms to look into acquiring some raw milk. The problem in Scotland is that the sale of raw milk and cream is illegal,...
  10. Best primal-friendly BCAA supplement for fasted weight training?

    I've just started looking into BCAA supplements for fasted training and am unsure which one to buy.

    I'm interested to hear peoples' views on them and what they consider to be the best...
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    Pre- and post-workout food

    My routine since becoming primal is to only eat two meals a day - lunch and dinner. I find that this works really well for me, but it leaves me stuck for what to do when I go to the gym to lift...
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    'All the bad stuff goes into the fat' - could...

    'All the bad stuff goes into the fat' - could this be why my acne's getting worse since going primal and losing some of my own body fat? All the bad stuff being released into my body etc?
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    Well last night I cooked some bolognese for...

    Well last night I cooked some bolognese for tonight, and I tried leaving the fat in and just added the tomato sauce. However, I noticed that even after well over an hour on simmer the sauce never...
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    Do you drain beef mince fat?

    I'm cooking some mince to make bolognese with (homemade, all-natural sauce of course, and no spaghetti!) and was wondering if I should drain the fat? Cos we all like fat, right?

    Would it be okay...
  15. So at what point does the lowering of sets/reps...

    So at what point does the lowering of sets/reps due to an increase in the weight stop being beneficial?

    E.g. right now I can do 4 sets x 5 reps of squats and deadlifts @ 70kg.
    I could change...
  16. Sets vs. Reps for fat burning and strength/muscle building

    Is there an optimum amount of sets and reps when doing weights for fat burning and building strength and muscle?

    For example, what's the difference between 5 sets of 4 reps, and 3 sets of 7 reps?
  17. Is there a good, convenient alternative to a ball...

    Is there a good, convenient alternative to a ball infuser then? Convenience is key as I'd like to be able to brew this green tea at work with minimal fuss!
  18. Is this...

    Is this the kind of thing I'd be looking for?

    Can't find it in the supermarket. How's the price?
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    Well I usually do a warmup on the treadmill that...

    Well I usually do a warmup on the treadmill that involves a half kilometre jog and then 3 x 30 seconds sprints! Outwith the gym tho I have a dog which is great for walking and I usually try and do...
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    How's my fat burning workout?

    My primary goal is fat burn, and this has been my routine recently at the gym:

    Flat Bench Presses
    Dumbbell Rows
  21. Is loose leaf green tea easy enough to make at...

    Is loose leaf green tea easy enough to make at work without too much of a carry on in the staff kitchen??
  22. Is flavoured green tea as healthy as normal green tea?

    From the tea bag that is, not loose leaf! Does anyone know?
  23. The best, most primal protein shake available in the UK?

    There's so many to choose from and I've no idea which brand would be the best and most primal? The only time I would take it in a day would be pre and post workout.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try Ebay and see...

    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try Ebay and see what comes up.

    Does anyone else have any other suggestions please?
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    Macadamia Oil in the UK?

    Can anyone recommend a UK supplier of good quality macademia oil? The only website I've found is the one below but it doesn't look overly professional or legitimate?

    Welcome - The Macadamia Oil...
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