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  1. Just a thought...

    Regarding the 'man boobs' may want to stay away from soy. I'm no expert, but it came to mind when I read your whole post. You probably aren't consuming enough to make a difference, but might be worth...
  2. Thread: Eat Fat

    by bythebaybabe

    Eat Fat

    Eat Fat was the email subject line today from a primal friend of mine. I think I love him more now. :) Here is the article he sent:

    Want to get healthier and leaner? Eat more fat | Fox News
  3. Replies

    8 Days In and 3 LBS Gone!

    Hi everyone. I am a carboholic. No. That's not right. I USED to be. Okay so I have only been at this for 8 days and the need to cheat has not been there. So far no carb flu. I focus on what I can...
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