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    My super lazy meal- I put a frozen buffalo patty...

    My super lazy meal- I put a frozen buffalo patty on slow cook. Then, grab handfulls of fresh herbs from my garden, shred them, scatter them over the meat. Shred, stir, put meat, drippings, herbs on...
  2. Plumpy Nut Alternatives: Big Batches of Great Nutrition for my Kids

    Background: There's a great story about how malnourished kids are being fed in Africa with a product called Plumpy Nut, bringing them back from starvation with small packets of Peanut butter mixed...
  3. Therapy Tip for Chronic Injuries: And a BIG thanks to this forum.

    After five sessions of therapy, I am a new man! Thanks in part to this forum for turning me on to Active Release Technique.

    Two years ago I had a fantastic sports day way out of my norm: I ran,...
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