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  1. High metabolism, powerlifting, eating disorders, and a sensitive stomach

    Hello, I am still fairly new to the primal diet, but I have been doing quite well with it. I am a powerlifter (22/f/64 in/115 lbs), and a former anorexic with a very high metabolism. Due to the...
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    A couple weeks in, bad cramping

    Hello everyone,
    I have been following the Primal Blueprint for a few weeks now. At first I felt wonderful, I had amazing strength gains, and I looked great. However, for the past few days I have...
  3. The tea works for me too! I find a cup of bitter...

    The tea works for me too! I find a cup of bitter green tea helps me get hungry, or gets rid of nausea.
    A food I use to help me when I am not hungry, but not nauseated, is avocado. I will just open...
  4. About 1 week in, former anorexic, current powerlifter

    Hello, good to talk to some other primal people. My name is Leo, I am a 22 year old female who works as a researcher and student at a California university. My jobs keep me very busy, but I find time...
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