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  1. WestCoastFire, I do enjoy whole milk, though,...


    I do enjoy whole milk, though, and I've never had any lactose intolerance issues. I've avoided it because I don't have access to raw, grass-fed milk (at least not any I can afford),...
  2. WestCoastFire, Thank you for the articulate...


    Thank you for the articulate response! Milk and more starches make sense; I have tried to be very mindful of my carb intake since going primal because I want to stick to the leanest...
  3. Unsure of Dietary Needs Because of Exercise Results

    Greetings all, and thanks in advance for hearing me out.

    I've been eating (mostly) primal for two years now. While this has come with a wealth of improvements as-is, I have been carefully...
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    Globetrotting Primal Nutrition

    I find myself facing a rather daunting challenge: how does one stay primal on a minimalist world trip? Let me lay out some background information for clarity's sake.

    Within a month, I'll be...
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