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  1. Hi Alien1 - sorry for such a belated reply to...

    Hi Alien1 - sorry for such a belated reply to this but I've not checked this thread in some time - if you're still in Glasgow and looking for other Primal-minded people to discuss things with I'm...
  2. Hi Matty - yes it is definitely illegal in...

    Hi Matty - yes it is definitely illegal in Scotland; there was a scare over 20 years ago and it got banned.

    You can buy it in England and Wales but not here. You can, however, order it from down...
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    Hi MattyD & StoneAgeQueen,

    Nice to hear from you! It would be good if there were more of us around to give each other tips and a helping hand. I can imagine it's tough trying to remain primal...
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    Caffeinated coffee actually gives me headaches yet I'm fine with caffeinated tea - I'm assuming my system just can't handle a certain amount of caffeine at one time.

    Anyway to answer the...
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    Hi Everyone,

    Oops! I've just posted a new thread asking if there are any other Scottish PBers out there when if I'd just looked a bit further down the forum I would have found this thread...
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    Hi Fellow PBers,

    First post (eek!) I've been reading the site since last summer and took the plunge on eating more primally around 7 months ago but have never really ventured into the forum...
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