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  1. Gall Bladder and Fat... Need Some Help

    Some quick background:
    Found MDA about five years ago. What I read made sense. Jumped on the primal wagon and lost 44lbs. Felt great... until... I had a pretty bad gall bladder incident. One night...
  2. Homemade Hydration/Electrolite Recipes?

    I work outside all day almost everyday, so therefore I sweat quite a bit. I also bike on the weekends.
    I drink quite a bit of water, mainly focusing on when I feel I need it, but I feel that water...
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    Coconut Sugar? Is It OK?

    I was at one of our favorite barn/ produce, touristy kind of place, and saw some coconut products. The one that caught my eye was the coconut sugar.
    How is this compared to regular old C&H sugar? I...
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    Who Benefits From the SAD?

    As I go through my work day, energetically since mending my ways with PB, I often ponder nutrition and how screwed up it is for the most part.
    I am the maintenance manager for a school and daycare...
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    Need To Limber Up

    I need advice.

    I have the tightest muscles on the planet. The Grok squat? Not gonna happen. I can't even touch my toes. So, what can I do to limber up some. I hate the feeling of being so tight.
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    Never mind. I used the search function (novel...

    Never mind. I used the search function (novel idea, eh?) and got it.
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    OK, I may be a dodo head (not doo-doo) buy what...

    OK, I may be a dodo head (not doo-doo) buy what is this MCT oil I hear mention of?
    I enjoy my coffee in the morgan, but still use a little sugar and powdered creamer. I want to do something better,...
  8. Not New, But Finally Getting With The Program

    I found this site a few years ago while searching for some way to get myself in shape.
    I had been hitting the gym like crazy, did P90 and P90X, was riding my bicycle pretty regularly, but eating...
  9. AussieNana, I meant physical health. Her body was...

    AussieNana, I meant physical health. Her body was fine, her mind/brain not.
  10. And there you have it. All good stuff thus far,...

    And there you have it. All good stuff thus far, but upon reading this I think the proverbial nail has been whacked squarely on the head.
    Most of the stuff my grandparents ate were of the single...
  11. Why Are There Not More People Dropping Dead...

    ... from poor diet?
    I have been following MDA for a little over a year now and have posted a few questions on the forums.
    Here is my next one.
    With the majority of the population eating "regular"...
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    I Really Need Help

    I discovered this website a little over a year ago. I really dig it and have managed to lose lose quite a bit of weight. I can't say that I am totally primal in my diet (yet) but really try to adhere...
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    A Quick Progress Report

    I recently changed my lifestyle for the better. Stumbled on this site and found out a bunch of amazing things. I am 6'1" tall, 46 years old and weighed in at 220.
    I was counting calories (a waste...
  14. Coffee Question(s) From the New Guy

    I read something on another blog pertaining to flab around the middle and caffien/coffee and that it hinders getting rid of the belly fat. True, or no? I drink about 1.5 cups a day, usually five days...
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    Beef Versus Bison

    Which do you prefer? I have read a little about bison being better that beef nutritionally, but I really like the taste of bison more.
    So, which is better?
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    Yesterday was the first day that I used FitDay to track my grub. I compared it to the sample it the Primal Blueprint 101 and mine was almost identical (less the alcohol.)
    I think one of the things...
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    How Does Vegemite Fit In?

    Here is my first real question since joining this site: How does Vegemite fit into the primal deal? I recently discovered this stuff and I really like it.
    Do we have any Aussies that can offer up...
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    A Quick Introduction

    I recently started reassessing my fitness (or lack thereof) and came across Mark's Daily Apple. I have really started reading up on all of the articles on this site and like the fact that...
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