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  1. Doing high fat, low carb diet. Will one meal of high fat + carbs derail me?

    Im doing pretty much steak and eggs. I eat once a day and usually about 1.5 pounds of steak, or hamburger, plus some fish sometimes, and 6-8 eggs and butter. every meal a bit of leafy greens and...
  2. im watching videos now and everyone is doing so...

    im watching videos now and everyone is doing so much stuff a million different ways. It was only 2 bucks so im just gonna toss it I dont want to get sick.
  3. they are fresh. do i have to remove the...

    they are fresh.

    do i have to remove the tentacles or anything? are the heads edible.
  4. bought some baby octopie how do I prepare them so i dont die or anything?

    there is about 8 fresh little octopie in this package.

    never bought or had these before so i dont know if i need to do anything special to them, if i can eat them straight up, or what i need to do...
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    never buy sirloin its def a strip or a ribeye

    never buy sirloin its def a strip or a ribeye
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    Is this a Strip or Ribeye steak?

    pulled it out of the freezer last night and could not remember what it was. Cant really tell.
  7. no it wasnt frozen. it does have a sort of...

    no it wasnt frozen. it does have a sort of sourish smell to it though. nothing major.
  8. Does this steak look ok? And general meat sell/use by date questions.

    I bought this on Sunday with a sell by of June 23rd. since then its turned fairly brown and I can't really tell if it smells off.

  9. Is it ok to freeze preseasoned meat? particularly pork chops?

    Bought some pork chops on sale and brought them home and seasoned them all up with salt/pepper/garlic/thyme to use them tomorrow.

    however i wont be able to use them until next week so i was going...
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    Meat thawing safety question.

    I purchase lots of steak and such when its on sale a freeze it so I have a lot of meat in my freezer and was wondering when I take them out to thaw how many days do i have to cook it by?

    i always...
  11. How exactly does cooking rice in coconut oil lower the calories?

    i kind of understand resistant starches. I think.

    but still what?

    This cooking method drastically cuts rice's calorie count | Fox News
  12. i read through the topic and have a question. ...

    i read through the topic and have a question.

    On "carb-up" days do you eat a regular meal of meat and eggs with lots of fat in addition to all the carbs?

    are those carbs to be consumed over the...
  13. Tried roasting some bone marrow it didnt work! HELP!

    Everything i read said to bake it at 400 for 10-20 minutes which i did. When i took them out of the oven the marrow was intact inside the bone but as soon as a i tried to scoop it out it...
  14. Will cutting off the fat of butterfly porkchops drastically cut calories

    i have a butter fly porkchop here that is 17 ounces.

    from what i surmise this about 1170 calories. would cutting the fat off bring that count down considerably, or should i not even bother?
  15. Help me understand the science of shelf life of baked goods.

    been doing a bit of cooking with coconut flour, making muffins and such for the holiday, and every recipe ive used said that the baked goods will be good for up to 3 days. Why is it only 3 days?...
  16. ive been vlc for about 3 months now and want to do a carby meal

    So how do I go about it.

    Can I eat my regular meals of fat during the day then add in the carbs I want?

    I just want a sweet potato with butter and brown sugar or maple syrup, banana , an Apple...
  17. Has anyone ever tried Ener-G gluten free breads?

    A local grocery just started carrying a couple of their products - tapioca loaf, brown rice loaf, and white rice loaf.

    ingredients for the one im most interested in: the tapioca loaf(though the...
  18. Could I do worse than these store bought english muffins and cookies?

    Trying to find some easy treats for myself on the fourth and these 3 items can be easily bought at a local store. I am celiac and haven't had bread/flour subs in almost a year. So looking to try some...
  19. Yahoo article on bulletproof coffee. Dear Lord.

    so the way they set it up its like you just put the butter in your coffee in addition to your daily breakfast and...
  20. tips on how to minimise bloat from a carb-up?

    I've been doing a diet of less than 20g carbs a day for a few months now with a few carb days spri kled in.

    Each one I get super bloated afterwards for a few days. How do I minimise this?

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    What is the deal with this olive oil?

    its like off white sort of like really watered down elmers glue.
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    Would just a little bit of leafy greens here and...

    Would just a little bit of leafy greens here and there totally mess this entire thing up? I can get behind steak and eggs but I want atleast a big bowl of spinach or broccoli with it.
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    oh also what about unflavored whey protein...

    oh also what about unflavored whey protein isolate? or any whey powder in general? I habe some decent jay robb vanilla powder i dont just want to completely ignore.

    that mixed with an egg makes a...
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    Just read up on this and Iw ould also like to try...

    Just read up on this and Iw ould also like to try this. I have gained a fair amount of weight since having hernia surgery a while ago mostly, in my chest and love handles and a little around my...
  25. Sorry I do not do subtly or sarcasm well. I have...

    Sorry I do not do subtly or sarcasm well. I have severe anxiety issues about the smallest things and I've been fretting about this most of the day. Mostly because I've made as huge concerted effort...
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