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  1. article: this man thinks he never needs to eat food again

    This Man Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again | VICE United Kingdom

    Interesting, curious of your thoughts.
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    how to improve wellness at work

    I am on a committee at work to help increase the wellness of people at the workplace and am looking for some other advice. So far a few things I have thought of:

    group 30 day challenges - doing...
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    Ok I will try to eat more fish...once a week...

    Ok I will try to eat more fish...once a week enough?

    So when you list all those other there a way to look at my blood work and then see which specifically I need to get more of?

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    Nutritional testing/blood work?

    So I have been probably 80% primal for about 6 months and really loving it. Going to try really hard and get as close to 100% for the next 30 days...and hopefully then continue after that. I really...
  5. Any suggestions on a good one?

    Any suggestions on a good one?
  6. Did get my desk reworked and all set up...

    Did get my desk reworked and all set up ergonomic, does make a big difference. Adding a keyboard tray was the biggest help.
  7. Vitamins and Supplement questions to help heal...

    So I've recently started trying to get my supplements in line and organize. Here is my plan, look for advice on dosages and timing.

    I'm 6 feet tall, 168 lbs, very active. 26 years old.
    I am...
  8. Best thing to do day after falling off the wagon a little....

    So I started about two weeks ago doing the primal blueprint diet. I really like it, but I had my first big mess up day on the weekend. Ended up drinking with some friends and eating pretty unhealthy...
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