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    Rasperry Ketone

    anyone has an opinion on rasperry ketones?
    anybody has used this?
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    protein shake for breakfast

    hi im having a protein shake for breakfast, i put 1.5 scoops of pretein (25 g protein, 4 g crbs), a cup of lactose free milk and a handfull of froozen berries.

    Any comment?
  3. Thread: pork skins?

    by Constak

    I eat them all the time, great sustitude for...

    I eat them all the time, great sustitude for potatoes chips snacks. Just wondering how much is ok, dont want to over eat them
  4. thanks a lot jammies

    thanks a lot jammies
  5. ok thanks. The frappucino is no for damage...

    ok thanks. The frappucino is no for damage control, its just instead of hot coffe
  6. test if my body is using fat as a fuel resouerce

    Anyone knows if there is a test to find out if the body has switch to fat energy?

    This is because im been going probably 70% primal, and before anyone get all fanatic, im not 100% because maybe 2...
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    any comments on Hoodia and Acai Berry?

    Hi i have notice that a lot of people are using Hoodia pills o Acai berry pills to help them with theyre hunger cravings, does any one kknow about one of this foods?
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    Going Primal in Mexico

    Hi im constak i have allready been trying to go primal for 2 months first of wich i lost about 5 kg, nut the second one no more lost just maintain. My goal is to loss 10 kg, i allway been active i...
  9. I have readthe book and beeb trying to eat primal...

    I have readthe book and beeb trying to eat primal for about 2 months, im not so familiarize with the forums. If you also read the book marks tell that once in a while you eat a small piece of lets...
  10. What do you mean for less carbs to get slimmer

    Hi i get confused when you say eat a small quantaty of carbs to get slimmer? Are you talking about carbs from vegetables and fruit?
    Also if a happen to eat some sort of ain (tortilla, breaded meat,...
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    Red eye' maybe high blood pressure

    Hi im new to pb, ave been on it foro about 3 week, i ave notice that my e yes feel tires, even red, my wife saya it could be high blood pressure from gong primal, also feeling not that energetic Nike...
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