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    Hello all! So glad I found this. I'm on day 3...

    Hello all! So glad I found this. I'm on day 3 of my 3rd Whole 30. Well, technically the first was a Whole 29, and the second was a Whole 27. But still good in my book. I feel awesome when I'm...
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    Wow, speaking of junk this was NOT a good weekend for me eating wise. Need to get back on the wagon tomorrow.

    Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to strenghten your round ligament. I...
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    Hello! I have been on this site for a while but not following the forum lately, just came across this. I am 27 weeks pregnant and trying to be somewhat primal through it. I had a rough start and...
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    So glad to chime in here!

    I'm female, 5'10", and I wear size 11 shoes, sometimes 11.5 in running shoes. Weight usually fluctuates between 155-160lbs. My parents always called me "solid".
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    Ok, so I just make fried pork rinds. Not bad, but not what I was looking for. I believe I need to now cure the rest of the 5lbs I bought before I try to cook it again. Any ideas / suggestions on...
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    Hello - I tried to order uncured bacon from my local butcher, and I have a question about the terminology. I ended up with something they call "fresh side", sliced, and I am in the process of...
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    Close, northeast Indiana. Where are you?
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    Monday again, and didn't start the week off too well. I have re-visited Mark's carbohydrate curve and need to really focus on lowering my carb intake. I am still averaging between 200-300g per day,...
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    The last week has been pretty un-eventful for me. Still feeling a bit pregnancy-sick, and not eating as healthy as I would like, but making progress. I've been tracking my food for the last several...
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    Aha, just figured out how to search the forum. Apparently I'm not the only one! Thanks!
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    Friend or foe?

    Craving some sort of chip-like, salty food, and was wondering where pork rinds fell in (or out) of the primal blueprint.

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    Primal Journal (CardioJunkie)

    Ok, I'm back. After pretty much winding the last 2 weeks of the challenge, I have been in a pregnancy/carbohydrate induced fog that has finally lifted! I have been feeling pretty sick for the past...
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    Thanks for the congrats! I appreciate it. Still sinking in as this will be #4 and was not exactly planned. I'm trying to re-formulate my goals for the challenge and want to try to maintain a...
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    Thanks for the response! I'm going to attempt to maintain a somewhat primal diet this time, although I often find myself thinking I'm going to be fat & out of shape eventually, who cares? :-) I too...
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    Hey Amandamarie - I just found out I was pregnant last week, only 8 weeks along. How far along are you? I'm curious to know what you are trying to do exercise-wise. I have been running regularly...
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    August 16, 2009

    Suffices to say I've been a little "off" the last week. Trying to figure out what to do from a diet/exercise perspective. Will re-invigorate this week, and come up with...
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    Ok, time for me to catch up. The last couple days have been...interesting. First, the recap.

    Day 5 (August 8)

    Totals: Cal 2850 carb: 195g Protein: 87g Fat: 175g

    WOD: Nothing
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    Hey you are doing great! Thanks for the comment in my journal. (I get a little behind in posting, so sorry for the delay!) I may have to try your survival week sometime. Have a great weekend!
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    Ok, catching up on the last 2 days...

    Day 3 (August 6)

    Totals: Calories 2700; carbs 178; fat 188, protein 120

    WOD: ~25 mile bike ride; 2 mile walk
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    Day 2 (August 5)

    Ok, I did good for one day! Unfortunately I had a miserable day today. I needed to read today's post earlier in the day. I'll cut to the chase and spare the details

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    Day 1 (August 4) Continued

    B: Roast beef & mozzerella sandwich on spinach bread (thanks MDA!), side of tomatoes

    L: Salad with mixed greens, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, red pepper, tomato,...
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    Day 1 (August 4)

    Good start so far. Workout this am - 15 sets of 30seconds burpees, 30 seconds rest, 4.5 mile easy run. So far I've just had coffee & cream. I'm going to start trying to wait...
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    Looking forward to the challenge!


    1 - Get down to 145lbs and maintain (currently 157lbs, 5'10" female)

    2 - Work towards 100% primal by the end of the challenge (today somewhere in...
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