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  1. Congratulations for keeping on, reaping the...

    Congratulations for keeping on, reaping the benefits, and spreading the word!
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    Excellent post, and very timely for me. You know...

    Excellent post, and very timely for me. You know it's bad when I wake up at night and the thoughts running through my mind are about primal/paleo/PaNu food plans. I've been struggling lately trying...
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    I agree with Ecala. I also think it is asking a lot of awriter to duplicate her efforts, moderating and answering questions on the Yahoo site and then posting info here as well. I'm sure she has a...
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    no big deal really, but I checked the contest page over this past weekend a lot, and the August 8 and August 9 challenge never showed up until August 10--????? Anyone else have this issue? it's 2...
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    Hi there! I have been following a low carb eating plan for over a year, and tried the Carbquik but didn't like the "twang." Check out this link for some helpful info--I posted there also. Good...
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    I am in, too! Just got my book yesterday but have been reading a little bit on the MDA blog.

    A question: BigBeck89, you said the hardest part will be quitting cheese, but Mark says in the book it...
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    This sounds delicious--will be making it this week and post my impressions. I read some great info about almond meal here:
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