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  1. PB Workout (Weights/Exercises) Spreadsheet or Log


    Short of designing one any of you maintain a generic type gym log for lifting weights (or other various exercises). I've exhausted google and MDA looking for something I'm...
  2. Just got my copy today (via Amazon) and it is...

    Just got my copy today (via Amazon) and it is AWESOME!!!! I amost want to make breakfast (Berry pancakes & Primal Hot Cereal) right now! Mark and Jenn definately put together a best seller! I...
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    Thanks for your encouragement...I'm lookinf...

    Thanks for your encouragement...I'm lookinf forward to everyones input and varying approaches.

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    New to the PB lifestyle...

    Hi all...I'm transitioning to a new life, a life without the breads. Quite a process though. I was 255lbs (6'1") back at the end of Oct 2010. I am now 196lbs and hoping for lower.

    I started...
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