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  1. Here's the response I got from primal blueprint:...

    Here's the response I got from primal blueprint:

    "Thank you for your email! The formula has changed a little bit but we have added 12 Potent Antioxidents, 22 Powerful Phytonitrientd, 9 Vital...
  2. Possible... but the 'Advanced Health Formula'...

    Possible... but the 'Advanced Health Formula' product isn't listed on their site anymore. Only the new stuff. I will contact them soon. I'll report back what I find for anyone else interested.
  3. Advanced Health Formula now with half the nutrients?

    Hey all,

    I've had a monthly subscription of the primal blueprint's 'Advanced Health Formula' multi-vitamins for several years now. I've been fairly satisified with them, even if they are kinda...
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    At-a-glance Reference Guide

    When I ordered stuff from Mark's Primal Blueprint store, in the box with my purchase came a little mini-booklet called the 'Primal Blueprint At-a-Glance reference guide'. The booklet is really packed...
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