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  1. spaghetti... kick off.

    spaghetti... kick off.
  2. Hey ellacofino,i guess you think Argentina is in...

    Hey ellacofino,i guess you think Argentina is in Asia, not really, is in America.. and we have the american's diet..(at least in the city) pasta, pizza, mcdonald, donnuts, lot of zugar, alcohol,...
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    ¿"Anti nutrientes tóxicos"? Cuenta más.
    Cosas con vida generalmente no quieren ser consumidas por otras cosas con vida. Ser digeridas, para la mayor parte, tiende a interrumpir la supervivencia,...
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    Hi guys, i live in Argentina and i began the primal diet few weeks ago.

    People here don't usually speak english . So i take the work of translate this text of mark's blog to share with my buddies...
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