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    Ideal Oven Cooking Temperature

    My default mode of cooking has become my oven, and I am wondering if there is a good rule of thumb for cooking temperatures of certain meats (beef, lamb, pork, fish). I generally do 350F and try not...
  2. Canned salmon/sardines & oxidized cholesterol and PUFAs

    What is the verdict on canned salmon/sardines and the high heat cooking and sterilization process? I can get good deals on salt free and BPA free salmon and sardines, and would like to use them as...
  3. I took 1 teaspoon of powder (630 mg). Could the...

    I took 1 teaspoon of powder (630 mg). Could the powder be the problem? I prefer it to tablets because of the lack of fillers, but I think I may need a more time-released form.
  4. Can't handle magnesium citrate...what is a better form of magnesium?

    I know that I'm deficient in magnesium. A few weeks ago, I tried NOW Foods magnesium citrate powder, and a serving made me very sick. It left me feeling weak, sick in the stomach, and tired for days....
  5. Since going primal, my blood labs have been...

    Since going primal, my blood labs have been improving, but my TSH has been getting higher and higher, and my new Synthroid dose is three times what it was pre-primal. At first, I thought this came...
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    PUFAs in spices?

    I use a lot of ground cumin and occasionally whole celery seeds. NutritionData says that per serving, these spices have far less omega 6 linoleic acid/total PUFA than other common culinary seeds like...
  7. Lower n-6 fat source: grain finished beef tallow or coconut oil?

    I made it my New Years resolution to get off of fish oil (I had spent the last 5 months of 2010 taking massive doses of daily fish oil to balance my ratio), and reduce overall PUFA. I now eat...
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    Hiding beef liver in meals

    I can get a great deal on grass fed beef livers from Whole Foods, and I really want to get some. I don't think I'm up for the challenge of eating just the liver right now. So I am thinking about...
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    Organic ground chilies

    I use a lot of chili powder to make chili and taco salads, but I'd like to start making my own blend rather than use the premade blends. The basic recipe would be ground chilies, cumin, garlic...
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    Indoor windowsill gardening

    I am thinking about starting to grow some organic herbs indoors this winter. Can anyone who does this offer tips on how to start? Which herbs grow best indoors? Can any vegetables be grown this way?...
  11. Rendering beef tallow - is a food processor necessary?

    Yesterday, I was able to get a pound of grass fed beef fat from Whole Foods, and the butcher was nice enough to give it to me for FREE! I want to make tallow, and I've read Mark's blog post on...
  12. The lower your carb intake, the lower your micronutrient needs?

    I'm about halfway through listening to all of the Robb Wolf podcasts, and on one, he touched on this interesting subject. That the pretty high RDA of various vitamins and minerals that CW recommends...
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    Replacements for goitrogenic vegetables

    I have hypothyroidism, and earlier this year, I've had my Synthyroid dosage doubled. I'm afraid the problem might be diet related. I eat a TON of leafy green and cruciferous vegetables, and nearly...
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    Thanks for the resources and for the Nature's...

    Thanks for the resources and for the Nature's Answer D3 recommendation.
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    I was actually looking into getting a magnesium...

    I was actually looking into getting a magnesium supplement. I get pretty good amounts from diet alone, but from what I understand, PB/Paleo recommendations for magnesium are higher than the standard...
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    Carlson Vitamin D Drops

    I'm looking for the most natural vitamin d supplement, and most pills I've come across are loaded with nasty fillers like soybean and corn oil. I found Carlson Vitamin D Drops:
  17. Where to buy grass fed beef tallow online?

    I would like to order the 2.25 lb. container of beef tallow from U.S. Wellness Meats:

    But they only ship orders of 7 lbs. or more. I don't want to...
  18. What's your favorite high dose fish oil supplement?

    I recently got a good deal on Nature's Bounty 1360 mg (950 mg total omega 3 - they don't specify exact DHA and EPA levels) fish oil capsules. I think I'm going to stick with these, because I really...
  19. Recommend good, inexpensive food processors

    I am looking for a multi-purpose food processor that is durable, reliable, and inexpensive. I don't want to have to pay more than $30-$40 (US Dollars), and I want to make sure that what ever I get...
  20. How bad are farmed shellfish/molluscs/crustaceans?

    I love seafood, and wild caught salmon and sardines are staples of my diet. I would never consider eating farmed fish, but are farmed shellfish/molluscs/crustaceans/etc. as bad to eat as farmed fish?...
  21. Help me balance my O3 / O6, plus supplement questions

    I have quite a few questions regarding omega ratios, and I appreciate all the feedback I can get.

    My omega 3 enhanced eggs of choice contain 200 mg of omega 3. The nutrition label on the carton...
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    I just finished off a bottle of Country Life...

    I just finished off a bottle of Country Life omega 3 supplements, and regretably found out on their website that the capsules contain soy. I will be starting to take Rite Aid brand capsules.
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    Ingredients in fish oil capsules

    I have a few questions about omega 3 fish oil capsules, and I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.
    Besides the fish oil, my supplements have these ingredients:
    Gelatin, Glycerin, D Alpha...
  24. Thread: Lox?

    by NoMoreGrains


    I used to really love lox (smoked salmon), and I'd like to start eating it again, especially for breakfast. The brands that are sold in most supermarkets are full of nasty ingredients that you'd find...
  25. How important is it to eliminate nightshades (peppers in particular)?

    I've been able to say goodbye to grains, legumes, dairy, nuts, and limit my fruit consumption. The one thing I really love too much are peppers. I can do without the other nightshades; tomatoes are...
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