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    Pondering Primal Journal by cat


    I bought the primal blueprint 21-day transformation on august 10.

    I was totally gung ho for a couple weeks then all the yuckies crept back in.

    I commit myself to the 21-day challenge...
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    thanks for the warm welcomes everyone:)

    thanks for the warm welcomes everyone:)
  3. lunch with coworkers and ironic first outing

    I'm on PB day 6.

    Today I was invited to go to lunch with some coworkers. This is my first dining out on new lifestyle food. I said sure but can we go to TGIF Friday's? I had an 8 dollar coupon off...
  4. intro and thanks

    I have taken the last 2 days to read every post on this thread - awesome

    I had previously introduced myself on the meet and greet but wanted to repost here because I love you guys

    it's NOT hip...
  5. I installed by new pull up bar today - I had...

    I installed by new pull up bar today - I had intitally thought to just wait til by husband got home but then I thought a she-grok would just install it herself. So I did. Now if only I could actually...
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    it's NOT hip to be square


    I just found PB in the last week or so. I am on board. I cleaned out my pantry yesterday and am starting primal today.

    In July I started with (but all that counting...
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