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Thread: Anxiety and Paleo

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    Anxiety and Paleo

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    I have a very brilliant professor that I semi-disagree with on nutrition. Today, he said in his clinical experience, patients on the high-fat and high-protein Paleo diet tend to have their anxiety worsen. I, of course, immediately clarified that paleo didn't always mean high-fat and protein and it could be very high in carbohydrate. I also reminded him that I used to advise people transitioning to Paleo/Primal/PHD/GAPS and every person had better anxiety control or it disappeared completely.

    I want to know YOUR experiences. I do realize that this poll may be a tad self-selecting as those that fail at this way of life may no longer frequent this board. I figure some info is better than none.

    Just to give a better picture of him though, he does love bacon and is experimenting with intermittent fasting with patients. ;-)
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    I can say that my anxiety has not been any WORSE on the primal/paleo diet, so from my personal n=1, he is wrong about it being worse on low carb. On the other hand, I don't especially think that it's gotten any better either... So it's also not a magic cure for anxiety either.

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    There's plenty of people who feel absolutely miserable doing VLC, or Very Low Carb.

    Me, I just pop a pill for my depression. LOL

    No, I'm not kidding.

    Also: Mindfulness meditation. It's saving my life. Literally.
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    I have been suffering depression my whole life, and I can say I've felt no worse since starting paleo/primal. Just my 2 cents.
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    I have crazy anxiety- (scared of everything like a 6 yr old). It has not gotten worse by any means. I've actually learned to "let go" a bit and relax. So I'd say my anxiety has gotten a bit better!

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    Paleo made no difference to my anxiety however I seem to have better mood in general on paleo, and thats led me to being led anxious.

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    no change in my anxiety...but i have been totally anxiety free and cool as a cucumber for about 6 years. it's my superpower.

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    I don't have anxiety in the clinical sense. But my mood and general outlook on life is scores better than it was on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet.

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    I actually have clinical anxiety issues. I have spent a year in rehab for my anxiety.

    I will say that a high fat low carb diet has not conclusively changed or altered my anxiety. The major difference is exercise for me and overall therapeutic measures I took to better my life after being sent to rehab

    I used to get panic attacks all the time and they would make me throw up, pass out or even in most serious cases go to the hospital for dehydration and exhaustion

    Now i have been high fat and low carb for about 6 months. There were long times i have been nearly Keto, but i have tried to be as primal as one can in college

    I don't get panic attacks anymore. i don't attribute to the diet because a lot in my life changed over the past couple years where i was in rehab, recovery, and return to college which i am now.

    So far in my college experience and i have returned to college back in begin of this semester, i have not had serious panic attacks.

    2.5 years ago when i was in college for the first time i did suffer anxiety from eating. eating was anxiety provoking because of a social aspect that meals make me nervous. But also i was very body sensitive and if i felt too full i would start thinking about throwing up. I had to take xanax just to eat. i lost 30 lbs in one semester.

    Today i manage to feel better. high fat diets allow me to feel less full and i think that is comforting compared to eating a big carb loaded meal that would make me nervous

    i would say that my psychological issues, like depression, adhd, ocd, anxiety... cannot be truly cured by any diet change. It can be a source of help. but cognitive therapy, the right support network and the correctly prescribed psychiatric medications by your psychiatrist are my main sources of improvement.

    i would say that i don't get more anxious from high fat diets. and i eat a very strict high fat and low carb diet. i refute the professor who said that based on my personal experience.

    my overall physical appearance and health has been GREATLY improved by primal dieting, for that i feel much better about myself

    would i recommend a high fat/low carb for anxiety? I would recommend it to anyone but for anxiety i would say that a healthy nutritious diet is very important for your mental and physical well being. the paleo diet in my opinion most helped me with my adhd, i think . i cannot back it up and i still have it in some respects, but it has helped me have better focus.

    in respect for adhd, i would say that learning to watch what you eat and have a proactive approach to nutritious diet does help one with learning and developing skills to improving productive focusing

    my last words is that i still get anxious and stressed from college challenges, but my life is in a far better place and i got much better skills in handling my anxiety and stress. my primal diet has tremendously changed many things for my life. I am able to eat without fear of overeating sickness and i have not thrown up in about five months

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    I don't have a diagnosis of anxiety. I have been diagnosed with major depression in the past when I was on a low fat, low protein vegetarian diet. I had a suicide plan and everything. I took anti-depressants for a while but stopped them several years ago.

    Even though I was no longer taking medication and didn't think of myself as depressed, I now feel infinitely better about everything. Better than before and better than any time in my life. I feel sunny, confident, happy, radiant. It's just amazing.

    I will share that I have two friends who went on a different diet from a 12-step program that defines abstinence as no flour (from any kind of grain, but real whole grains are fine) and no sugar. Both friends experienced profound mood effects. One of them took anti-depressants and no longer needs them. One of those friends spent the summer traveling and met some other people along the way who had done similar things--paleo diet, more fat and less grains, that sort of thing--and had similar results. The thing that astounds all of us the most is the huge change in our mental health. It's astonishing, really.
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