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Thread: No Alcohol November

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    No Alcohol November

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    When I first started paleo/primal I didn't think alcohol was a big deal. I didn't really change my drinking habits much, I just substituted red wine for beer and continued on. The more I get into the paleo the more I am realizing that alcohol is not paleo and I should be trying to reduce and eliminate it from my diet. I would say that alcohol is the one thing that is getting in the way of my progress the most. Most of my cheating incidents happen because I had too much to drink.

    I seem to do the best in reaching my goals when I make them into a challenge, so I am going to be doing a No Alcohol November challenge. For the first three weeks of November I will not be drinking any alcohol. This will probably be the longest I have gone without alcohol since I turned 21 six years ago. I am curious to see how I feel going this long without drinking. I decided to end the challenge before Thanksgiving so I can have a glass of wine with my family or drink a little with my high school friends.

    I encourage everyone to join me in No Alcohol November. I created a challenge on Social Workouts to track everyone's progress. Sign up and get healthy. Who is with me?

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    I agree. I didn't think alcohol was a big deal. I still believe ALCOHOL isnt, as long as you choose wisely. I drink vodka or scotch straight. However; when I am drunk is when I eat the mozza sticks. I've thought about callin er quits for a while but, I am 25. I am too young to give it up. I may cut down to no more than one drink of scotch a week for november, but that would be all i would be prepared to do!

    plus, if i am growing a mustache for november its a rule you have to drink scotch.

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    Good luck, hope it works for ya. I went 30 days back in May, and to be honest, I didn't notice a damn thing. No changes noted anywhere. I really do hope it works for you though, I've been thinking about doing it again, but not over the holiday season. Way too many gatherings with friends and family, and I don't want to be tied down to my own promise to myself.

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    I think this is a great idea for the folks out there who let their alcohol consumption get out of hand at times and dont know when to stop after a couple of drinks. Or drink for the wrong reason.

    Personally i would never give up my red wine..... Why? Studies have proven again and again that moderate drinkers live longer and are healthier then non drinkers.
    The key word here is "moderation" folks, like a nice glass of red wine with dinner (Mark Sisson knows what im talking about :-)

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    Well, since I don't drink alcohol and never have, I will just say that I'm WINNING!

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    Good luck! I went booze free for a month last spring. When I started drinking again, I didn't really notice any effect (regardless of what I drink -- even beer), so I plan to enjoy it, but it was definitely an experiment worth doing ... I wish you the best of luck!
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    I sometimes idly wonder how long I could go without drinking, since I don't really drink that often any more. I just don't see any reason to give up the occasional glass of red wine, health-wise. Maybe I'll do some kind of challenge at some point...

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    I'm giving up for November too - had a unusually large number of social occasions over the last 2 months (weddings etc) and my liver has basically requested a month's leave from booze. I'm a pretty light drinker usually, so even just a couple of extra glasses a week makes a huge difference.

    Haven't had any since Saturday night and already brighter already.

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    I'll give it up in NOV. It'll save me $$ since I got hooked on expensive sippin' tequila, consistently 12 oz wkly.
    But, I love a challenge, especially since going primal in APR, and have found anything that demands willpower much easier,
    so I'm in.

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    Cool. I'm in. I was pretty much a teetotaller for the summer and made some major body composition progress. My B-day is late November and my present to myself is a sixpack. No, not beer- abs! I am so close. I have a 2 pack right now. If I can lose/change the composition of 3 lbs of fat or so, I should be good. I was doing fine until the cool nights had me craving red wine. Hard to open a bottle without finishing it. So, I'm basically doing a "Whole23" for the first few weeks of the month. Good luck all

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