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Thread: Hotel quick breakfast ideas?

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    Hotel quick breakfast ideas?

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    Hi all, will be heading to Disney World in December. Part of our plan is to get up early and be at each park at open. But this will be hard to do if we need to have breakfast each morning at the hotel counter service restaurant. So I am looking for ideas for in-room paleo breakfast. All I can come up with is getting some paleo bread and have cold salad sandwiches each morning. Though I may just fast I don't want to make the kids do that.

    Only thing we have in the room is a fridge, microwave and small sink. We can't go down the cereal route - which would be more convenient by half - not just because we are a paleo family but two of us have wheat related IBDs.

    Any advice welcome.

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    Yoghurt and fresh or canned fruit. Handful of nuts.

    Microwave scrambled eggs.

    Grain-free fruit and nut bars.

    Take a blender with you to make smoothies.

    I would eat plain hard boiled eggs, but don't know if your kids would do that.

    Or eat something at the park when you get there.

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    Beef jerky, good quality cheese (if you're good with dairy) and fruit. It's my go to for trips. I even got a dehydrator for the jerky.
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    Thanks guys. Microwave scrambled eggs?

    Blender seems like the ticket. Liquid breakfast

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    You have a fridge and microwave so bring your own food or go to the grocery store. No way to do that? Then just pack some sardines or other similar portable non-perishable food in your luggage. Can't do that? Then eat the hotel swill and go back to real food when you get home.

    Years ago I worked at Sea World in San Diego. I have to tell you that theme park food is the absolute worst quality food and worst tasting food there is. If you can avoid eating it, do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solomani View Post
    Microwave scrambled eggs?
    I do this all the time when I'm feeling lazy. Toss the eggs into a microwave safe bowl, and beat them. Toss in microwave for about a minute or until it matches whatever consistency you like. I add a bit of butter for a more creamy texture and a bit of moisture.

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    An Electric kettle is small. They may even have one for you to keep in your room. You can hardboil eggs and steam veggies with it if you are feeling creative.

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    One thing that travels well in a cooler is frittata or baked eggs. Eggs, spinach, mushrooms, a little parmesan (if you do dairy). Bake it, cool it, and cut into squares. It's good cold or reheated in the microwave.

    Do the kids like small cans of fish? Tuna for breakfast might be fun for them. Pickled veggies in jars?

    I lived 90% out of a cooler on a 2000 mile drive because I didn't want to eat too much garbage on the road. It was so much better than other long drives I'd done.

    Have fun!

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    Primal n'oatmeal (tons of recipes on Pinterest or if you Google it) with coconut milk or any other preferred beverage.
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    You're on vacation.

    Do you really want to be cramming cold, bland food down in the hotel room? Enjoy breakfast at the hotel restaurant and get there an hour later. What will you and your family remember more? An extra hour at the park while hungry, tired and miserable? Or a family breakfast while planning the days activities?

    I'm sure they'll have bacon and eggs at the buffet. I can't imagine enjoying eating microwaved eggs and cold canned fish for breakfast for three to five days straight...

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