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Thread: Anyone lose better on higher carb levels?

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    Anyone lose better on higher carb levels?

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    After a year of being on the primal/paleo plan I cut out fruit and dairy to lose weight faster. I had a total of 40 pounds to lose and now am left with 28 pounds. Yes I lost really slowly over the course of a year.
    I am still only eating nuts, grass fed meats, eggs, and healthy oils. My weight loss has slowed down significantly.

    I was just wondering if anyone had increased their carb level by adding fruit and the pounds started melting off again?

    I am starting to wonder if this weight will ever come off?

    Thanks guys for your help!!

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    I eat lots of fruit and veggies and I lose plenty of weight. My secret to weight loss is intermittent fasting. Not only does it help with cutting calories but it releases HGH and lowers your insulin as well making weight loss easy.

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    Adding carbs back into my diet made a huge difference for me in terms of fat loss. I eat fairly high carb by PB standards (100-150g range) and have seen better results at that level than when I was trying VLC. I eat fruit daily, often multiple portions such as a banana, apple, and berries, so 2-3 servings a day. I also eat sweet potatoes, white potatoes, starchy vegetables, and sometimes white rice or rice noodles since I tolerate rice well.

    I don't think it's the magic solution for everyone, but if eating VLC hasn't worked and you've tried it for a while, you might benefit with adding more carbs back into your diet and tracking the results.
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    it releases HGH and lowers your insulin as well making weight loss easy.

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    I've seen steady weight loss in the 75-100g range (~40% of calories). Early on, I'm sure I was in the 150-200g range, though I wasn't tracking nutrients at the time. I don't eat a lot of nuts. Compared to meat, fruit and vegetables, I think they are a lot of calories for the nutrients.
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    So far I have had the most success eating lower carb... under 50, on most days with a high carb day, maybe around 100, thrown in once a week or so. The carbs are usually in the form of potatoes, also apples lately since its fall

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    Long-term low carb with no carb-up days results in weight stagnation for me. I tend to stagnate as it were, in that my metabolism slows a bit. But when I notice this happening, that's my sign that I need a carb-up day. This normally only happens once every two weeks or so, however, and after I do it, things go back to normal for a while and I resume my typical VLC diet. It's more about an occasional metabolic "kick" for me. If I do higher levels of carbs for a few days in a row, I definitely pack the weight back on which is not a good thing.

    Maybe you just need to follow my plan and eat VLC normally, alternating with the occasional day of upping carb levels?

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    *raises hand* For me, I needed more carbs to feel decent again, which helped me lose a little weight....
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    Not even Atkins himself recommended staying low card for an extended period of time. He said that it messes with the thyroid and lowers metabolism. No fun. And I can say from personal experience low carb only worked for a short period of time. Since realizing how much of a bad ideia it was for me, I stopped counting or caring, and started listening to my body. Some days it is not that much, others it is all I eat. I've never felt or looked better.

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    I lost weight pretty consistently regardless of whether I was in ketosis or gorging on potatoes, so I can't say for sure. What I can say is a higher carbohydrate intake is much better for my sanity. Fatty meat, low glycemic vegetables and lactose intolerance is an absolutely deadly combination of suck.

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