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Thread: Ladies (or Brave Men): Question Regarding Menstration

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    Ladies (or Brave Men): Question Regarding Menstration

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    So, I am sure this has been asked before... but I can't seem to find it.
    And again, sorry if this is TMI, but it is worrying me.

    Backdrop: I have been eating Primally for about three weeks 70/30, but for the past nine days have been 100%. In this time that I started this, I lost around 14 pounds in those three weeks. So it is a pretty big weight loss at a quick pace.

    It has only 22 days since my last period, and I have started again... I think... I'm not sure because it isn't a normal period by far. I will get descriptive if you need, but I won't for the moment. And my cycle is normally around 35 days, so this one is 12 days early! Or 6-8 days from a regular 28-30 day cycle (which I have sometimes).

    Has this happened to any other women? I ate Primally for about four months last year and this never happened.


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    I am endlessly amused by this cultural notion that men ought to be terrified or disgusted by discussion of menstruation or other women's health issues.

    That said, this particular man has little idea what might be causing the variation in your cycle, except that I would suspect you might be experiencing some fluctuations in your estrogen/progesterone levels (or other hormones, bodies are complicated) due to your diet change, and that it's nothing to worry much about, and will probably level out within a few cycles and establish a new "normal".

    Now I will get out of the way and let more knowledgeable people weigh in.
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    Have you been sexually active in the last month? If it is heavier and crampier than usual, it could potentially be a very early miscarriage. They are actually not that uncommon.
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    I had a very small, dry period after I got pregnant. I have also had times in my life when my period was all over the place. Heavy, light, clotty, and everything in between, over and above, under and below.
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    I tried Primal a year ago and within a week my period started, I quite for some reason and I went back a few months ago and it happened again. I think Uncephalized is right. There was a thread a while ago and you and I weren't the only ones, there were many that had the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncephalized View Post
    I am endlessly amused by this cultural notion that men ought to be terrified or disgusted by discussion of menstruation or other women's health issues.
    I <3 U. Men who are afraid of blood need to man up. /snarkiness

    I have been primal for 2 years and have experienced all sorts of menstrual weirdness unrelated to primal. Other than under extenuating circumstances (like breastfeeding), I generally have a very normal period in duration and flow. eating low carb, high vegetable primal temporarily changes symptoms of my period for the better. however, this last period i had been walking a lot more and had been more strict about my sugar intake and maintaining a high vegetable intake, and I had cramping and spotting mid-cycle. that has NEVER happened to me before. it's possible that adjusting to primal is messing with your cycle. i wouldn't worry too much about it unless you're using a form of birth control that depends on predictable cycles.

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    I'm pretty regular and consistent with my cycles, including knowing to the day (or sometimes hour) of when I ovulate. That being said, once or twice a year I don't ovulate, and that throws my cycle off. And once or twice a year I'll get the mid-cycle cramping/spotting, but not frequently enough to make me go hmmmmmm. I don't consider ONE odd period to be an issue. I'd look into things if you saw a TREND occurring.

    Incidentally, my periods have been less painful and my pms less severe, since transitioning to a primal WOE.
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    It's not abnormal for your cycle to vary, especially after some sort of change... such as diet. I've never had the opportunity to worry about an early period. I spent a lot of my 20's worrying about late ones instead, lol.

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    When I changed my eating habits I started "spotting" up to a week out. I had never had this before at all, its now an indicator to me that I'm not far away from a period. This spotting i mistook for my actual period the first couple of times and thought it was early. I have no idea why it started, but everything else is healthy, I'm hoping my moods stabilize soon though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jena View Post
    I spent a lot of my 20's worrying about late ones instead, lol.
    This old Gwamma thought this was great Jena !!!!!!

    Emmilou, jot down your observations, and if a trend occurs (as per Sandra in BC suggests), then look into it. You may just find that your body is adjusting - which doesn't happen overnight !
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    ...small steps....

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