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Thread: Primal Camp Food?

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    Primal Camp Food?

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    Thinking about taking a whole bunch of Applegate Farms Organic hotdogs... Any other suggestions?
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    Eggs. Fruit. Smoked Meat.
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    Tin foil dinners offer so many options if you are taking a cooler with you. Pick your meat- fish, chicken, ground beef or turkey, etc. Then add chopped veg (if you take them pre-chopped it's easier)- carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, onions, spinach, broccoli, green beans, whatever fits your fancy. Top it with butter, fresh herbs, sea salt and other seasonings. Double wrap it in tin foil, pop it in the fire and 20-30 minutes later.... magic. So good!
    I've even pre-cooked tin foil dinners in the oven at home and warmed them up in the fire later.

    Snack wise- beef jerky, nuts, dried fruit, zucchini or kale chips, fresh veg like carrot sticks, red peppers, celery, snap peas, fresh fruit.
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    My boyfriend and I went camping over Labor Day weekend and we brought the following:

    - Applewood Farms Uncured Beef Hot Dogs
    - Applewood Farms Chicken
    - Sliced bell peppers and eggplant (see photos below!)
    - Real, spicy brown mustard
    - Macadamia nuts
    - Larabars
    - Apples
    - A stick of salami (I ate half for breakfast one day and half for breakfast the following day, both paired with an apple)

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    Are you backpacking or car camping? If backpacking - a dehydrator would be a good investment.
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    I recently went hunting for 5 days, here's my food list: 2 bars of baking chocolate, 10 cans of smoked oysters, 10 cans of sardines, 15 tomatoes, 10 cucumbers, water, coffee.

    I would have rather been in Miss Jecka's camp, though. I just like to have a no-fire camp when I'm hunting.

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    Camping for a week in Yellowstone for one of the meals we marinated a steak in zip lock bags and froze them. Took 2 days to thaw in cooler and they marinate at they thaw...made an awesome meal on the night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    I just like to have a no-fire camp when I'm hunting.

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    Because the animals can smell ya?

    Pemmican (great added to cooked foods as a soup base, tolerable eaten by itself)
    Coconut manna (makes a nice soup base)
    Spice pastes (Thai, Indian etc. Goes well with coconut manna but can be a little too spicy when backpacking.)
    Jerky, nuts, dates the standard stuff like that
    Cheese and salami
    Dehydrated starchy carbs like potatoes, yams, celery root, etc. Cooked and mashed before dehydrating the pulverized after.
    Dehydrated veggies like beets, carrots, greens, onions (buy onions already dehydrated, they stink up the house to make them)
    Dehydrated cooked grains (if you are doing a long distance hike, grains might save you from starvation)
    Dehydrated cooked meats (hamburger: cook and rinse the fat off, canned or pressure-cooked chicken rehydrates well, pork or beef tenderloin cooked in slow cooker dehydrates then rehydrates well and is lean)
    Salt, spices, olive oil, beef tallow pucks (I made some with coconut, but you can just use pemmican and I'm betting plain would be great, too)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sbhikes View Post
    Because the animals can smell ya?
    not a threatening smell to game animals at all. in fact, many hunters still smoke their clothes in order to conceal the human smell. i tried it last year during bow season, and it works like a charm. hung my clothes on a laundry rack next to my firepit and lit a small fire. left them hanging out overnight in the air. wore them the next day and had a small herd of deer come within 10 yards of where i was.

    also, in our out of state hunting cabin we always leave our hunting clothes hanging out all week and the smell of food cooking and of the woodstove doesn't seem to affect the amount of deer we all see.

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