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Thread: Craving veggies, but tyring to stay low carb

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    Craving veggies, but tyring to stay low carb

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    Alright; I can eat veggies all day long, but my problem is that I'm counting calories simply to make sure I don't eat too many veggies. So that leaves me with proteins, which I have no issue with, and fats...mainly coconut oil, coconut milk (in smoothies) and a handful of nuts every day.

    I feel like I'm getting into the paralysis by analysis mode with the nuts, because I keep reading about how too much will either stall weight loss or cause weight gain. Oh...and I hate cooking. I live off of egg whites, lean meats, fish, egg white protein powder and the good fats I mentioned above. However, I miss my veggies! This is my 4th week being primal - it looks like I've lost ~5lbs. Coming from an eating disordered background (anorexia athletica), I feel like this is at a snail’s pace...of course my perception is still a little skewed. I recall losing a lot of weight years ago without trying, simply by consuming a ton of fruits and vegetables…which confuses me a tad more.


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    Eat vegetables, they are not the enemy. Definitely eat them rather than nuts. I'm not sure it's possible to eat too many veggies as long as you are also eating adequate protein/fat.

    Why are you not eating the egg yolks?

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    I couldn't do a diet that excluded veggies! Why are you cutting them out? There are so many wonderful low cal/carb veggies out there~

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    Limiting vegetables, for weight loss? That's crazy. Eat all the vegetables you care for. Most of the non starch vegetables barely provide any usable carbohydrates anyway if you really want to stay ultra low carb.

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    Eat the veg and enjoy.
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    I understand how you feel, even though I am just starting out with this diet and very unsure of it right now... coming from a similar background (anorexia) as well so I know it's very easy to fall back into counting, that's why I am not sure if I can continue with this without becoming obsessed with numbers again... but if you can do it, and enjoy the food you do eat then it's great! I would say definitely don't skimp on the veggies, it's easier to eat more of those than nuts, those are very self limiting especially because I personally find it harder to digest if I eat them all day (lots of FIBRE!). I'm gonna say I believe you can do it

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    Instead of eating egg whites and lean meats, and then adding your fat thru coconut and nuts, eat whole eggs and fatty cuts of meat....and all the veggies you want! Veggies are great for weight loss!
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    I couldn't do a diet that excluded veggies

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    Even if you wanted to stay very low carb you could eat 5 cups of spinach, a big serving of cauliflower, 2 cups of broccoli, 2 cups of mushrooms and still be around 25-30 carbs. Eat vegetables if you like them.
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    If you're not used to watching carbs, and you are concerned about veggies, think in color. Mostly, the brightest colored veggies, especially greens, are lower in carbs. Exceptions that come to mind: tomato is moderate in carbs (and is really a fruit), and carrots are a bit high.

    As you get into root veggies and other white veggies, (onions, cauliflower), the carb content goes up. White potatoes are pretty carby.

    Avocado, though dark in color is also really a fruit, has moderate to high carbs, but has so much fat for a plant that some use it for the satiation (and yummy) factor.

    There are exceptions to every rule, but that's a general guideline.

    If you use added butter/oils/etc., sauteed greens with a little garlic sauteed in at the end is a fantastic way to get a ton of veggies and it's so yummy that it tastes like restaurant (not chain restaurant) food.

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