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Thread: Got I love my vitamix

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    Got I love my vitamix

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    Err, that was suppose to be "God I love my Vitamix"

    10oz of frozen strawberries + 1/3 a cup or more of heavy cream + stevia or honey = the bomb ass strawberry soft serve. I could eat a gallon of this stuff no problemo. I bought this blender about 2 years ago and I use it everyday. It is worth every single penny.
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    I bought mine last week. Way, way better than a juicer.

    But Im only using it for raw veggies mainly. None of the ice cream type recipes.
    I also have a mixture of almonds with 2 dates and ice cubes in the am...makes an almond milk like drink that is incredibly filling (and yummy). I have some eggs in the am also and have no hunger at all for hours.

    Anyways, it is expensive but a great investment imo.
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    Good to know. I have a crap ass blender I bought over a decade ago. Never used it much, but now that we make smoothies everyday it's time to upgrade.
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    those things are industrial grade and worth every penny..they're like the Cadillacs of blenders haha

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    1 ingredient banana soft serve

    2-4 frozen bananas

    Add to Vita-mix, pushing down occasionally.
    Eat deliciousness.

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    Yep, we love ours too and use it everyday. Trying to cut down on fruit intake a bit, so for now I use it mostly to grind various nuts to make salad dressings, etc. Life is much better with a vitamix!

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    Worth the money. It makes the best mayo, not the half-assed greasy glop I got out of my old blender but real, spreadable mayo. Also makes good hot soups. My juicer has gone into retirement since I got the Vita mix.

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    Yup, they're worth every penny. Mine's been in almost daily service for over 12 years.

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    I got one 3 months ago and we love it, trying all sorts of recipes.

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    I love my Vitamix! My kitchen wouldn't work nearly as well without it.

    I actually burned mine out a couple of years ago. Since we live close enough for the drive, I took it to the corp headquarters in Olmstead Falls OH (west of Cleveland) for repairs. They did it on the spot, threw in a free cover for it (mine was soooo yellowed), too.

    I am such a Vitamix junkie that it felt a lot like an official religious Pilgrimage...

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